Single or double beds?

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  • Why do we need to fear their reviews so much?

    I mean, really? If they have the smallest grain of respect for us, then why should we respect them?

    Tell them upfront about their biased opinion and make sure they know that you're not an owner who can be pushed around.

    I confront my guests right there and then when things happen, therefore they cannot really ignore it didn't happen. They know all too well (99% of them) that nothing less of well behaved behavior is accepted here.

    The only thing they move in my rooms are the chairs. Rarely, maybe the coffee table, but that's maybe because I refuse to have single beds and all furniture is super heavy wood :) They don't have the muscle to bother with it.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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    Zsolt - thanks, as usual for your comments. You said: "Why do we need to fear their reviews so much?"  Haven't we been over this a million times? Nowadays, as long as there is no damage I do not argue with guests and when it comes to little things I try to appease them. It is so much easier for me and they think that they have won some battle. I am learning to distinguish between battles which are worth fighting and those which aren't. 

    As I have posted elsewhere on the very few occasions of really bad behaviour, then my attitude is different and I don't give a monkey's for a bad review as retaliation.

    May I ask why you refuse to have single beds? If it is a very upmarket property which allows you to charge high prices and you have plenty of rooms with rooms with two double beds each I can understand. 

  • Joey,

    I have 4 rooms with double beds. The reason why I don't like single beds is the furniture layout, that just cannot work with the architecture and room design, besides that, I only have around 5% of bookings which are for single use. 

    I have single use rates for all rooms, that is never a problem, however I can provide guests with 2 sets of smaller bed linen, so they can share a double king bed (180x200 cm), plenty room for 2 people to sleep comfy with 2 single blankets. Only had this case twice until now.

    What I am always being requested, is a roll-away extra bed. This is something I'm looking for but haven't found the quality necessary yet. As everything I put here must be top quality, those roll-away beds are quite far from it.

    The property is also advertised for couples mostly:

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    Hi Joey!

    Greetings! Your concerns are quite prety similar to some of us. Some guests are really demanding and sometimes troublesome. However, as the owner of the business, you have to find a way of letting them know the rules of the facility and that they should mind the peace of other guests. As you have shared, and from my experience, this is not always easy - it needs patience and a thick skin. Remember you are in business - be tough as a lion and humble as a dove! Have a fruitful week and success in your plans.

    Bro. Martin

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    New here.  Why not just have a sign in the room.  Please do not move the furniture?

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