Putting yourself on the 'shoes" of your Guests

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  • Dear Sonia,

    Very nice insight into what you're doing.

    I would have just a few comments to add, from my perspective:

    1. Tea kettle and tea bags - they are nice, out of 190 reservations we only had 1 British couple ask for it. For us it would be a bad deal as many people take whatever they can, so if you leave tea bags, 3 out of 10 guests will take them all, which might not be cost effective in the long run as we offer a luxury stay and I would need to provide the same luxury tea :)

    Coffee is king here, and the most messy thing to have in a room as people will spill it, therefore I avoid having the kettle because they will try to make coffee with it (which is not recommended).

    2. We offer them our laundry room if they want to use it, therefore we don't have to put small and crappy amenities in the rooms, they can use the professional ones and it works great for everyone.

    3. Garden hammocks, great idea, I just need my trees to grow taller for that though, quite a new place what I have and the trees are still small :) maybe in 5 -8 years it would be feasible. 


    Nice tips all over. If you happen to have a website, post it so people can see it.

    You can have a look at mine.

    Warm regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Sonia Indigo

    Hi Zsolt, thank you for your comment and insights.

    I understand and respect your point of view, and also can see the difference of our realities. You run a luxury business in Romania, I run a medium - budget accommodation in India,  where I am only renting 2 rooms and 4 dormitories and receive travelers (sometimes in a budget) from all over the world. So giving some comments to what you wrote:

    1. Tea kettle and tea bags - I have a kitchen shared between the two rooms, so I actually don't put this on the rooms, I put it on the kitchen. However, if I would not have the shared kitchen, I would definitely arrange it for guest on the rooms and for each Check In I would put a pair or two of teas/coffee/sugars. You know, as a traveler, I take mine with me because it's really handy, specially if you have children, believe me, the parents will thanks for that, you can use it for so many things. A mini fridge is also reaaally nice, and again if you have child's, twice nicer. And this is not a question of budget or not, it's some essentials that believe me, really make a difference! I am  dealing with guests in tourism since the last 7 years, in a budget/medium type of accommodation (Shiva Garden Homestay, in Varkala), and I've been attentive to the guests requests, and this is a "must have". Obviously many guesthouses choose not to give, and again, what I share here is my own perspective according with 7 years experience as a Host and 23 years as a traveler. Just that. The title of this post is "Putting yourself on the "shoes"of your Guests", and that's exactly whats is about this article. You gave your comments about this specific topic over the perspective of the Host, not the traveler/guest.

    2. We offer them our laundry room - That is nice, and I also offer mine, but some guests and specially ladies like to wash their own things, specially underwear, and can just have the buckets available on your laundry room, if you don't want to put plastics on the guests bathroom, I perfectly understand, because it just don't mach with your rooms decoration, but at least you can have some buckets available on the laundry room.

    3. Garden hammocks, great idea - Ok, you don't have yet trees, and it will take years for them to grow, but you can put 2 round pillars of cement on the ground with a metal arrow to hang the hammocks and paint them in a creative way, to melt with the nature around. When the weather is good, your guests will reeeaaly enjoy and completely relax.

    I do not have yet a website for the guest house, I just moved here in January and I've been too busy with other priorities, what I do have so far is this link on my website: Shakti Home.

    And our Facebook Page: Shakti Homestay Varkala

    I will eventually post the article on my future blog, that is under construction.

    I did had a look on your website yesterday, and i have to say, the website as well as the rooms decoration and areas in general is of a fine taste. It's all really beautiful, congratulations for your work and your mother's. It's excellent. It never crossed my mind to go to Romania, but seeing these rooms could be just a nice retreat place. So, go forward, you are doing excellent!

    Best wishes,






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    Hi Sonia!

    Greetings! Your comments are just amazing. Some pretty good advice and rich experience from around the world. I will apply some of these to my facility- I am certain guests love attitude of concern and natural creativity. Thanks for your post and keep the standards. Thumbs up!

    Bro. Martin

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Sonia, thank you for sharing these tips! Your warmth and creativity comes through so prominently in your writing. Wishing you a wonderful 2019.

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    Graham Fisher

    In the UK tea and coffee making facilities are expected in all rooms - we offer a choice of a dozen different teas/herbal drinks in every room plus coffee, if you do not have these in each room then the British will expect this to come as a "room service" particularly early in the morning when they wake up - since I am busy prepping breakfast then, trays in rooms are far better.  

    Yes, occasionally the teas go missing with the guest, but this is not too common, most recognise that if everyone did this then the service would be withdrawn fairly quickly.

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