Opportunity Centre - Please stop asking me the same questions - every week...

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     Just for the record...  in case I'm asked again - next week.


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    I have dismissed the same so called "opportunities" several times and a day later they keep reappearing. Please stop this happening

    Under the new European wide GDPR,  this is equivalent  unsolicited marketing  from which i have positively opted out. If you continue to send me these opportunities that i have expressly dismissed i will report you under the following legislation

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulatory framework for data protection and privacy that came into effect on 25th May 2018. 

    GDPR includes 99 articles or clauses covering virtually every aspect of business and information management – everything from the consent to collect and process information, to the “right to be deleted”.  Importantly for global businesses (including those outside the EU) the GDPR is supra-national, therefore any business that processes the data of EU citizens will fall under its remit, not just European businesses.

    The fine for breaching the GDPR regulations is up to 10% of your worldwide turnover. I suggest you take notice of this , as this amount to Booking.com is eye wateringly large.



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    And the sillyness continues...   anyone else sick of this ?   Please comment if you are.

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    Anyone else find this annoying ?  - please upvote - so it will get more attention.


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    Nick Sapsford

    Im so glad i found this topic as i am pulling my hair out trying to get rid of these same opportunities day after day i cleared them off this morning and by this afternoon they all back again GGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

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    Ok booking.com. Do you actually monitor these posts and respond or just ignore them like most other requests? Please do the decent thing and at least comment 😩

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    Think of this as a 'Score'...  right now this 'Problem' - Rates 8 Comments from 4 People.
    So 'Someone' somewhere is looking at this, and how it 'ranks' on his (or her) - "To Do" list.

    So anything that 'Scores' higher - will get Fixed first... 
    >>> ( So we need more people to say 'Fix this FIRST !! )  <<<
    if you are 'shy' to comment - just click the 'Thumbs' Up !!!

    But if 'Management' says..   we must increase 'X' by 25% by any means possible.

    And Spam 'Marketing' the Opportunities Board... Gets that result, then it's a 'bug' they will never fix.

    Asking someone the same quetion - over and over
    is somewhee between - Brainwashing and Bullying!!

    Please FIX THIS ASAP !!!

    At Least let us know that our 'voice has been heard' - and someone, somewhere is looking into it.

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    Corinne Orde

    Here’s another example of bad software programming. A message has just come in from Pulse: “Don’t forget to reply to X. They’ve been waiting 20 hours.” Yesterday, in Extranet, I clicked on “no reply needed”. Also, X has been staying at my property for two days already. Whoever programmed the software should learn how to put in the relevant if/then conditions so we don’t constantly get pestered with this stuff.

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