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    Hi Paul,

    - Your solution involves money - moving and tracking of that money. that is not a 'small' undertaking. - ( also on an international scale. )

    This could be why you are getting ' template responses from Bcom ' ...  that means the answer is 'no' and I don't have time to explain to you in more detail.

    My idea is more simple, involves no money, so less risk & legal issues.

    With regard to the two 'issues' you had with my idea...

    1) " if people found their reviews were removed, they would stop writing them. "

    - Good, if he review was 'False' - then they should stop writing them.

    but I also offered the option - that the 'review' stayed - but did not affect the score...

    Websites rely on visitor numbers and Bcoms job is to get people to their website and convert that visit into a new booking (after all, that's what we're paying them for)

    Yes, I don't see the rest of your point here...  weeding out 'fake' or 'Bias' reviews makes the process better for everyone involved.

    2) genuine bad reviews should be allowed - but fake and/or factually incorrect ones shouldn't - and let's face it this is the only area of the review system we all have issues with.

    Yes, I agree with this...  if you re-read my idea, you will see it's only 'capping' the top most review and bottom review.  so if someone gives you a 'ZERO' and everyone else is giving you a 7/10   you will stay a 7/10...      and if someone gives you a 10/10   you will still be a 7/10  - because that is your 'average' review.   - one 'spike' either up or down - does not drastically change your overall score.

    I'm trying to create a dialog - of idea's and suggestions how we can fix the 'review' system.

    being negative, does not fix anything.

    I believe things are going to change around here, for the better. - just wait and see.

    If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the review system, please comment.  ( or upvote )

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    I'm curious - are you only on BDC or multiple platforms ?  
    - and only here because they have market share ?


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    I'm no expert at this - i have only just started this business - so I'm still learning.

    I get bookings from 2 platforms, and it's around 50/50...   maybe less than 50% from

    I'll be honest, i prefer the other platform better, and I have a much better 'rating' on that site.

    I also get 'direct' bookings, from Facebook, and Google Maps. (but I direct them to one of the two booking sites.) - for credit card procesing.

    You maybe right - and nothing changes...
    - but I would rather push for change - and see what happens...

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    I appreciate the feedback - ( Legally we can't do credit cards on site. )  - and yes I've had someone spend all the cash they had - and then moved on to paypal.   what can I say - I make great Frozen Margarita's...

    I get the booking online. OTA - then meals, boats, bar is all cash on site.  ( Some - walk ins - are all cash on site. )  

    85% is still better than nothing.   and we earn the same or more than the room rate - from meals, drinks and boat fees.


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    So Paul has Vanished...  and now I'm here - talking to myself ?   I was about to delete.. ut...  I'll leave this here... just in case a developer reads it. ?


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    I dont think the review system is very fair. I have had one very bad review from someone who said they couldnt get into the house . ( They hadnt read the instructions and so didnt know the code to the lock box to get the key)  They waited a few hours then went to a Hotel.They had rung my home phone but I was out giving my son a driving lesson . I rang them back as soon as I got home , a few times. They didnt answer their phone so I sent them a message on the site, with the key code and a message saying I had sent them the instructions.   They replied saying they had gone to a hotel and asked for a refund. I contacted who rang them. BDC asked me if I would be happy to refund half the money.... even though clearly it had been their fault that they had not read the instructions. ( they are Arabic and my instructions are in English , though there is also Google maps!!) . I agreed because I felt sorry for them , having had a long drive and a long wait with a young daughter.... ( I am possible the biggest sucker out!!)

    I then noticed that they had given me a very very bad review 

    " Good points No good points "

    "The entrance to the apartment is like a deserted building" etc 

    This has obviously had a very negative impact on my bookings with many cancellations following. and a lowered rating.

    I wrote a reply to his review but even though I was very very polite and only outlined the facts...that he hadnt read the instructions, and that I had refunded half his payment, my review has not been published.

    I would like this review removed and I think also it is a very unfair system that we are not able to respond to guests ,,,unless it is positive.

    Airbnb have a much fairer system, where both guests and hosts are encouraged to write reviews and both are published.

    Has anyone else had this issue?





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    TripAdvisor Fined $610,000 in Italy for Failing to Prevent Fake Reviews review system (much like TripAdvisor used to be) gives Guests the power to abuse Reviews inflicting their suffering on the property.   

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    My comment still stands . I see that the Olympic judge system is fair and that the score should perhaps be done like that but its not just the score it is what is said that people remember.

    The guy who wrote my very bad review didn't even get into the apartment...yet he still commented on cleanliness, comfort etc. How can he tell how comfortable the apartment is if he hasn't read the instructions and found the key to even enter the place!!! Guests reading that review don't know he didn't stay there and they will remember those nasty very untrue comments .

    However what is really unfair with the system is that I wasn't allowed to put up my comment. As I said before I explained what had happened and that the guy hadn't stayed in my place and that I refunded him half of his money.....but wouldn't let me post that. So people reading his comment don't know the other side of the story.

    Is that fair?

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    What about people who leave no comment but give very low grades which still grate even if not in keeping with general reviews. For example my average score is 9.9 yet a brother and sister left me  around a 5.8 average  without a comment. I could have made a complaint about this pair because they got up very early and went down to  the kitchen and made tea and  noise waking other guests.. They refused to move to the dining room for breakfast and I let them stay and eat in the kitchen -- big mistake !!!! They even marked us down for cleanliness whereas we always score 10. 

    I was sympathetic to them because they were over on a quest to visit a grave of an uncle killled in the flying accident in ww2 and offered them an early breakfast. They stilll got up earlier and there they were waiting in the kitchen with their cups of tea.

    Hard to believe I think it was to do with brexit. They were brexiteers and I am not but did not make an issue of it. . . 

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    Pantai Paris Homestay

    OK Guys, The solution is very very simple. Booking,com should just take not the average but the median of all reviews as the "property score". The system now is very unfair because 1 single person can put your high score down significantly, just because of nastiness. Especially if you do not have (still) many reviews.

    If you use the median (for who don't know, pls google it), It takes much more nastiness to do this.

    Booking, you earn money on us, pls listen to us!!


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    The median can also work against you, especially with less reviews.

    Here's an example pulled off the net dealing with fuel prices but the principal is the same;

    Example 1: The Jameson family drove through 7 states on their summer vacation. Gasoline prices varied from state to state. What is the median gasoline price?

    $1.79,  $1.61,  $1.96,  $2.09,  $1.84,  $1,75,  $2.11

    Solution: Ordering the data from least to greatest, we get:

    $1.61,  $1.75,  $1.79,  $1.84,  $1.96,  $2.09,  $2.11

    Answer: The median gasoline price is $1.84. (There were 3 states with higher gasoline prices and 3 with lower prices.)


    Soooooo, the median is $1.84 but the average is $1.87. Leaving some properties gaining from less impact of extreme reviews but also a lower score than they deserve if devoid of such extremes which is still unfair.

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