Show and Tell: How do you get your property ready for the holidays?

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    The end of the year is not the busiest for us - our peak is March - October - but I understand the question.

    We revisit our rates and look back on the previous system and re-evaluate our rates for next year. Especially useful is the comparison software provided by to compare our rates to competitors - we made changes during the year based on this. You really want to launch with correct rates so advance bookings are accurate as possible and you are not undercutting yourself!

    Something we also do during the quieter 'off season' when rooms are empty, and that is the time to wash walls, repaint if necessary, fix things that fell apart but could not be fixed properly while guests were on site. I had two rooms where we had water leaks - fixed but requiring post fix decoration. We hid the unpainted plaster from a fix behind a chest of drawers! Not ideal, but the plaster has to dry out and we had no opportunity to repaint the wall while the room was booked up solid!)

    It is also the time to review your linen, rugs and items of furniture - check plastic balcony chairs - they start to get fatigue cracks for the UV light and people 'riding' the chairs on two back legs. Replace if they look dodgy - cheaper than a claim if one should break with a guest on it!

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    We already start pre-sale our X' mass & New Year dinner.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Oh my god! We are still relaxing and swimming....

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    M Adamopoulou

    As Akwador said the end of the year is not the busiest for us. After our swimming we are going to start cleaning the Studio from top to bottom inside out getting ready for winter.

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