"SEA CLIFF". The Miniature Boutique Hotel. Isle of Man, Great British Isles.

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Welcome to the forum Russell and Debbie! Just a few months to go until the first birthday 🎉

    I encourage you to check out the Just Joined topic. We have a community of partners who're just getting started and they'd love to hear what you've learned in just 8 months :)

    Happy posting!


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    Thanks for the Welcome to "Parner Forum".
    What have we learned, gee that could take a while to draft. But seriously one of the hardest jobs we have found was understanding the booking.com system from our point of view & please don't think this is a negative comment about booking.com because it is not. Both Debbie & I are 50 odd & not technical savvy (computers or systems) hence in our own world a tough learning curb. Anyway we are getting there & still learning every week.
    What we realised on day one was that this way of life & I will reiterate "way of life" is massively rewarding if you love what you do & we love this life. Probably a good job because it is 7 days a week from some mornings 4-45am till some nights midnight, but not every day. I hope we don't sound arrogant but we would like 10/10 reviews from every guest & 95% of our reviews are 10/10 but we really go the distance & love going that extra several miles for our guests. Sometimes we get guests that can be very difficult & awkward & we usually (29 times out of 30) win them round with our personal service & quality of our special establishment offering them the extra service levels we offer, e.g. when our guests arrive we try to spot them arriving & greet them by there cars & carry there bags in to there suite for them & the same on check out. We make them reservations of various kinds (restaurants etc etc), research & book trips when requested. Occasionally when time allows we offer to give them lifts (taxi service) to there required destinations, we supply & recharge there suites with free bottle water, biscuits, chocolate, milk, towels. Make there beds, empty there bins daily. Hang there clothes up & generally rejuvenate there suites. If guests are around in the day we will offer them lunch or mid morning / afternoon snacks all at no cost. Funnily enough Debbie's son contacted Debbie last week & said "mum my friends are booked in the "Onchan Head Suite" with Private Balcony & Hot Tub this Saturday night, please make sure you both give them the VIP treatment". We both laughed out loud !!! Jamie all our guests are special & each & everyone of them get the VIP treatment. We don't know any other way, simply or maybe we should say basically we treat everyone of our guests from the small baby's, children to retired guests & everyone in between as if they are VIP's. The only rocket science if that is what you can call it is to love the way of life & that way the rest takes care of itself.
    We suppose the final caveat to this post is - we are not sales or marketeers, so for us success is so simple - go the distance & as far as you can beyond & the bookings take care of themselves - our reputation is spreading fast now & we have guests booking reservations with us from all over the world. Our guests can be local guests celebrating a birthday, wedding parties, anniversaries you name it...
    We have had honey mooner's, retired guests, captains of industry... the list is endlance. But to reiterate once again - simply at "SEA CLIFF" all our guests are VIP's.

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    Laura, Community Manager

    After just 8 months in the biz, your passion for hospitality is clearly evident. Wishing you a very prosperous 2019 - and straight 10s! 

    Keep well,


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