Does forum contributor get a better positioning?

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    Not to my knowledge. 

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    Why would Booking position you better just because you are posting on the forum? Other property owners would say you are just blah blah blah when they perfectly clean apartment all day long :)

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    Nikolas Archanco

    Why wouldn't?? Just as many other things they take into consideración and doesn't directly mean you worlk well. For example pictures, good quality pictures... I could have not good pictures but be a perfect host with a pretty appartment well located... It make sense to me. If you make AN effort and use some if your time in this forum you are an active owner. You are trying yo están more knowledge, that jeans you try to earn more Money and this is good for Bdc... the more we share information and knowledge more efficient se are.. otherwise why Ford this forum existe?

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    Because there are lot's of "voulenteres" using this forum to help fellow hosts and share the information / knowledge. For free. We don't expect nothing in return. 
    This forum basicly became self sufficient. 

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