Pulse password not working, despite given correct

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    no issue this end with the pulse password! so do you have a probllem on the pulse app but no issues to get on the web version of the extranet? That would be very strange!

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    I am having the same problem signing into Pulse with the same password as extranet and says its the wrong one even though it goes into extranet

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    You should reset your password. That's another sweet surprise by Booking, where they will just abandon your password without sending a proper notice.

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    AG Lodging

    No need to reset the password. The problem is that your version of Pulse is too old, and when it becomes obsolete, you are automatically logged out (same case that Microsoft does with Skype).

    So, the solution is: update Pulse.

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    Bill Brooks

    How do I update Pulse. Unable to get help!  2139111.

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