Double Booking Who's got the bed?

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    You have half answered your own question. The person you can contact, you either give preference to or arrange alternate accommodation.

    Check your email for the BDC notification (using the booking number in search), if you find it you are obliged. If not then notify BDC they failed to inform you.

    The outside of contact guest may be travelling and genuinely unavailable to reply. 

    Technology does go wrong from time to time (often human error at some point). This year, so far, we have had 3 cases (2 BDC & 1 Exp.) of bookings we knew nothing about until we received the "Arriving tomorrow" notification/reminder! (It's high season and almost blanket booked)

    Fortunately we found a way through in all cases.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! -Landktrow and welcome to the forum.

    Even though you have sync your calendars sometimes double bookings can occur if guests happen to make reservation at the same time. advised me to double check my calendars as soon as I have a reservation.  If other calendar is not sync I do it manually.

    Hope you find your solution...

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    Aaltje B.

    Some systems work faster than others, hence the double bookings, landktrow.

    I have my Airbnb listing separate now (taken away from the umbrella of channel manager) and guests now have to request a booking, which also helps me to be more flexible with prices. 

    With the channel manager I have, all listings from all different platforms are selling for the same price but with different commissions and simply lost too much by not being booked often. But since handling separate the bookings come in again. (for Abnb)

    When someone requests a booking I simply block it first in BDC and then Abnb guests can come. This works best for me. I have tried several other venues but just didn't give me the freedom and wasn't riskfree. It doesn't take much time and you get used to it quickly. So far had no problems. 

    Most of my bookings come from BDC though. 

    Payment wise A is the easiest since guests have already paid at the time of booking, never have to worry. Through BDC there is a big group not knowing whether they have paid or not, and often credit card doesn't work, so they pay cash. It's a hassle, gives stress and is time-consuming and embarrassing. That's why I am transferring to paying at the time of booking for BDC as well. And strict cancellation policy. 

    But it won't be long and its all piece of cake for you. 

    You will learn quickly if you have a lot of guests. 



    Aaltje B. 





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    Mashi Niwarthana

    Actually system works faster than any other. It will happen again. If you have a reservation from, then close a room on air bnb to that day. Normally i do it. 

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