Gone live and have no bookings!

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    1) The price is high. I don't see any special offers as well. Use Booster, it works well for just added properties.

    2) Title is too short. Make an impact! SoHomes - Beachfront apartment in the center of Limassol. Brand new excellent apartment near beach, Beachfront modern apartment with good interior design beside Marina, etc

    3) Rearrange pictures. Apartment first, doors in the end.

    4) Pictures are dark. And better to keep them horizontal. While waiting for photographer, may be you can add/change them. May be kids can pose as models? Aa it can sleep 4, families might be attracted.

    5) "Finish build this apartment" gives wrong impression that apartment is not completely built...

    6) If you can afford, invite your friends for this Agreement: low price for a good review, deal?

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    Points 1 to 6 x2!

    7) You have used some water-marked stock photos from the internet, noooooooooooooooooooooo!

    8) Get that photographer in quick, your unedited 'phone pics are doing you no favours at all. That includes exterior shots (with smiling host or team would be a nice touch).

    9) "I enjoy looking for property that may need some TLC and renovate with the help of my wife and kids as a team project."

    It may just be me but to put this in your profile description shouts of unprofessional bodge-work (even if your work is actually of the very best standards)

    I do most of the repairs and upgrades at mine as well but wouldn't put that on the net.

    10) SoHomes sounds too much little like "so-so homes", in English that's not good. SoHomely would be better.

    11) Approach local businesses (i.e. use them e.g. busy restaurants) and see if you can get some mutual customer feed deals goings. You will be asked where is good to eat and the restaurants will be asked where is good to stay.

    12) Find something that makes you different to your competitors, and promote that feature/service.






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    Thank you i will get on that as soon as possible , it all sounds like good advise any more is very welcome.

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    I had noticed team work and sohomes also, but was ashamed to comment. We are all hosts and did huge work, so we know how much hard work was done to build the property and make it run!

    However, for the guests you should create description that is beneficial to them. One of the good advantages you have now that others do not have - its Brand new. Use it... Like "book this brand new place now and be the 1st guest to stay in the brand new apartment". "All equipment and furnitures are new". "Smells and feels like new".

    SoHomely sounds lovely. By the way your place looks nice and location is great. You should get bookings soon.

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    Thank you Katerinka, i have begun making the changes and am sure all that good advise will make all that difference. 

    Thanks again Soteris

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