No end to the Frustration !!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Sorry to hear about your struggles...
    Nothing is easy when beginning....
    This forum is very supportive and partners very willing and helpful.
    Read your BDC guidelines and step by step I am sure you will get there.
    Think positive and don’t worry be happy....

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    Could be a few things causing your problems.

    If not done already, whichever search engine (google etc) you use, completely clean out the cache.

    Sometimes it can be necessary to completely delete the browser if it has been badly corrupted, most will remember all presets etc or can be saved and imported after re-install.

    Check for viruses on device, they will always head for password protected areas first! (Malwarebytes and your existing anti virus programme, do the deepest scan it offers. Remember to delete Malwarebytes afterwards.

    Restart the device after the above. This might be all it takes.

    It may help if tell us what country and area you are in as there may specific problems where you are.

    On your partner screen, in the messaging section, is there a contact telephone number?


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