Guest Review Award 2017

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    More then getting an award , which is great, should let all potential clients know that certain properties were awarded, by placing a banner in the property page, showing that recognition, no?

    Is awesome to get an award, but the objective is that award to contribute to increase sales and distinguish properties, that go the extra mile for client satisfaction, but ultimately let every client know who has it, so other properties could see an incentive to try and achieve it , too


    Joao Sa

    Vila Balaia

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    Astana Swaha Villa

    I got an email announcement and congratulation award for us that our property astana swaha villa has a Review Award 2017.

    We are more than happy that the  guests have spoken – our property as an hospitality hero. due to our boundless passion, commitment and hard work have earned astana swaha a 2017 Guest Review Award

    we are really thank you very much for a nominated but one thing we could not downloaded as per instruction downloaded as well.

    So please help us to do this and we extremely appreciated for our good cooperation with and we do hope it would be more good cooperation onward

    Once again thank you and we are seeking forward to make a more than better business in the near future

    Best regards,

    Gusti//Astana Swaha Villa

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    What a Year it has been! Our first year in hospitality and thank you for the recognition it isn't easy getting a 9.7 for 2017! But we pride ourselves in always going the extra mile and unless it's perfect for us it isn't perfect for our guests! Our staff are top class and their presentation and care of our guests is our biggest asset! of Course our view of Table Mountain is just perfect! Hope you will visit soon to share our little piece of heaven!


    Your host


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    cannot download the Hospitality Award for 2017!


    Stagecoach Cabins

    Warrenton,  Texas

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