What is the best breakfast one can provide, as a Villa with 4 rooms?

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    As a B&B our breakfast is included in our price. I would recommend increasing the price per room and just included breakfast.  We offer coffee, tea and coco with a Keurig for guest use through out the day.  We also provide homemade cookies in our cookie jar 24/7.   During breakfast service we use a fresh brewed organic/ fair trade coffee and hot water in a teapot for a proper morning tea (guest can choose from up to 8 verities).  We serve a three chores breakfast that includes; fresh baked good (coffee cake, tart), fresh seasonal fruit, then an egg dish.  The main dish can be as simple as scrambled eggs & sausage, omelets or even eggs benedict.  We serve generous portions, and allow guests to invite others to join them or an additional fee of $10.  We generally get good reviews. There will be those that expect the over the top gourmet breakfast!  The one thing guest truly appreciate is that we will meet specific dietary needs on request.  Our booking forms ask if guest have an special dietary needs of allergies. Ellen make wonderful   GF muffins.  We have guest that stay with us because they can eat GF, Dairy free or Vegetarian with no trouble.       

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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Alan Agliotti  - I need to see pictures of this, the description is amazing, makes me drool over here. Can you show us what you're preparing? The whole thing you've described?

    Anchorinnbnb  - Thank you for the notes. Increasing the price is not possible as then it falls under the same price range as with the 5 star hotels in the area, which have the professional kitchens, I cannot compete with that in any way. Cookies, noted, that's a great idea and we have nice pastry shops which make amazing cookies. The Eggs Benedict is tricky, I steer clear of that one. The dietary needs can be easily met with our menu, however there have been requests for something even more extra, this is never an issue for us as they get exactly what they ask for, thus the review is excellent.


    On another note, if you have pictures of your breakfast, post it. Let's share this with our fellow partners.

    Warm regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Kolonaki Hellas Travel & Tourism

    Hi there,

    As we are operating in several countries worldwide, we'd like to say that our opinion is that earning money on extra services is not something we all need to do, but to calculate them in our base prices. Extra services such as meals should only help us to make our general services better and guests who will leave more satisfied. 

    Thank You

    Kolonaki Hellas Travel  & Tourism

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    I have just realized I need to do a better job of capturing photos of what our complete breakfast looks like.  I made note so when I have the inn photo's updated we make sure to capture this for the website. 

    Here are a few as requested. 

    These were made for Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday day before Ash Wednesday / Mardi Gras. 

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    Simple week day breakfast.
    We do a little more on weekends

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    A Acatrinei

    Hi all!

    It is true that the breakfast deal can be tricky. If Your Inn is situated near to a restaurant you can cancel the breakfast (they can not stop themselves to compare your breakfast offer with the restaurant offer and of course your guests will forget about the price differences). 

    If you have a group with special food needs let them have access to your kitchen facilities.

    Another option is the buffet (where the financial management is simple and your breakfast will look better).






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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Anchorinnbnb - In line with the theme, interesting. I will also need to snap shots of what my breakfast setup looks like. Never had the time though as I need to do so many things.

    A Acatrinei  - Yeah Adrian, it can work for others, however in my case, no nearby restaurant that serves breakfast, the one that is near, opens at 11AM, to prep for lunch time. I do have 2 kitchens in the Villa and there is yet to be a group that will make breakfast for themselves. People are too lazy to do that in the morning and prefer to have our breakfast. Buffet is financially a loss for us, too much food waste. We have seen this time to time again in other places.

    Buffet would work if I'd have all 4 rooms filled all the time, but that's not the case. It works for bigger establishments, where they have many guests and can refill the buffet if needed. I, for instance would need to throw away half of it in the case that I want to make it look good and plentiful. 


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    That would be debatable regarding the buffet breakfast.. You can have lots of variaty to choose from to put on the table, that have a very long expiry date. You kind of make an optical illusion. :)
    Such as.. 
    cheese spreads (light, classic, vegie, ...) that are already put in three jars separately.
    penaut butter classic, light - 2 jars
    jam spreads (classic, light) two jars
    add some local jam - 1 - 2 jars
    butter / margharine spreads - two jars
    pate (chicken, beef, tuna, pork) - 4 different jars
    Chocolate spreads - (chocolate, white chocolate/chocolate) - 2 different jars
    three types of sugar - classic, brown, cubes - 3 jars
    4 different corn flakes - 4 bowls
    4 different juices (now I replaced with local farm made 100% juices). 
    coffe - filter, instant, cappucino, ...
    etc. and tha banquet table is almost full .. All of these you buy only once and some have expiry date up to a year .. Not a big loss as you imagine.
    joghurt, pudhings, sweets, fruits ..
    etc ..
    You do not need to refill those things .. All you need to refill maybe is some eggs, ham and cheese, which shoudl not be a problem .. 3/4 stays intact .. but you get the "wow" effect.
    I had last year in average 10 breakfasts per day at the rate 11,00€/person. The only thing is that it takes a lot more preparation and "cleaning up" .. And I am preparing this myself with the help of my father. For a 110,00€ per day you can't throw away that much at all.. never.. also because mostly is reusable for the next days. 

    Even hotels does nto have such a big of variaty.. jsut because they can not refill all those things, because they have too many guests.. If you have 10 guests and a buffet breakfast.. its a win combo.. because you can give an extra effort to it, not worrying about running out of food, or even throwing a lot of it.. Maybe we do throw away a littel bit more, but just because father is complicating with the diversity of hams, cheeses etc that have shorter expiry date..

    P.S. pics are little outdated though.. And this year we will give a price 9,00€/person, and maybe reduce little bit the offer on the table. 

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Hi There, we have been Partner with Booking.com for years, first, I like to read this, but we are almost fully booked every day. 

    An Breakfast, we serve an Continental breakfast, almost the same every day, our Breakfast are not cheap, homemade everything in best quality, but after a high rating, (9.4) we actually try to "get better paid" and the good quality, for years, made us the right way. We are lucky than people like how we are doing, its very important Dinner, and Breakfast are enough, fresh, and really good.

    For years ago we had a French gentleman, he told us...3 things need to be good if you run Chambre d' Hotes, Bread, Bed and Wine. Thank you, we never forget. Now 16 years in Bed and Breakfast in South France, we cannot stop, never.

    All the best to everybody, Lucy et Leif Espere

    Le Balcon des Jasses


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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)


    What are you serving in the chafing dishes?

    Yeah, the ham variety can be tricky. The only thing with our breakfast is that nothing that is not sealed, ever gets put back. So all the cheese, ham, salami, bread and other open foods will not be served again. We pride ourselves for having a fresh breakfast, so everything has to be that way. Even the herbs that we use to season things are fresh (for omelettes especially). This is something that drives up the cost, but the taste yummmy, no complaints in that area.

    I will need to make those pics. Tomorrow I'm serving omelette so I'll snap a picture of that one.


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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Dear Lucy,

    That's a good motto.

    I guess that the room minibar has better reviews than my breakfast. That regarding the wine selection each guest has there, 4 types of premium wine for all tastes, plus anything can be order as a special request.

    I love the Mediterranean look of  Le Balcon des Jasses. However, you might want to remove the 8.7 Booking.com review award from the pictures, that seems to be outdated since you have 9.4 now.


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Sure those things that you mentioned are bought each morning in the store. With experiances you get a feeling the amount how much to buy so that you don't throw away too much. So salami and bread is not any different as you wouldn't have a buffet. My point was all the other things listed which is basicly the point of having a buffet. And is "fresh" because mostly is sealed until opened by the guest :) 
    In chafings depends. mostly wieners (hot dogs), bacon, mushrooms - shampinions, baked vegies, baked pears, pizzas,) depends.. each day something different.. and depends of the amoutn of guests.. At average 2 - 3 different warm dishes. 

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    Continental breakfast - optional - not included in the room rate - we provided this previously before we started with a warm breakfast - the food was placed (covered) in the room fridge the previous evening for the guests to enjoy at their own leisure. We changed the yoghurt glasses to branded tubs and the muesli and fruit was packed respectively into small plastic tubs with a lid - as it got soggy overnight.  Very seldom that the guests would eat the whole fruit. Cold meats were individually portioned and frozen and left to defrost in our fridge before packing the platter

     Now a days our Warm Breakfast (still optional by prior arragement) - platted - only a choice of the number of eggs and how it should be cooked- scrambled, sunny side up etc.  All the ingredients are pre-packed in portions and frozen accept eggs and a few other condiments.  We still offer 4 cereals, yogurt tubs, canned fruit salad, tea and coffee and some confectionery items on a buffet table.

    The second day a guest eats breakfast we do a "flap jack" scrambled egg with bacon bits and a white sauce with cheese.  Other days if the guest stays longer, it would include a change in the starch, like fried potato, onion and tomato  or french toast with bacon strips and grated cheese and cherry tomatoes (photo seems to be pasting as a landscape instead of portrait - ps turn your screen!! LOL!)



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    Aloha from Hawaii :)

    Perhaps it works well for me because I am a smaller operation. But I do get a lot of turn over as I allow one night stays (which I get a lot). However I have always just included in my daily price; the cost of basic items like waters, coffee, tea, juice, fruits, oatmeal, eggs, hash browns, cheese, milk for coffee and show them where it all lives and then invite them to "help themselves".

    I make sure I always have local fruits and coffee (and whatever I can pick up that day at the farmer's market) and even SPAM (local favorite).

    I don't prepare breakfast for guests. Instead I just stay out of their way in the mornings so they can make whatever breakfast they wish to throw together form the selection. I find most guests aren't wanting to be on any more of a schedule than they already have to be on whilst being on holiday. So letting them make breakfast for themselves at their leisure, makes them quite happy.

    Most guest don't even notice that I say I include breakfast and when they arrive they are delighted that it is all included when I point it all out to them. Some people even try offering money, to which I point out its already included. So when I present breakfast in this fashion, all my guests seem to perceive it a greater value.

    On occasion I receive a vegan/gluten free/paleo request. Then I just ask them what they are used to for breakfast and go get that if I can. If not I let them know what I can provide and call it a day.

    I assume it has to work on a larger scale also, as I simply adapted the model from all my traveling days and all the breakfast options I discovered at hotels on while on the road.











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    Hi All - We have a 3 room + 1 self contained unit B&B in NZ. We include breakfast in our rate. During the week I do everything myself, my husband helps at the weekend. Breakfast is between 7 and 9am, cooked option are cooked to order. We also do a takeaway option for early starters.

    Waste is minimal,  we have refined our serving and storage methods. Guests are very happy .



    Orange Juice

    WheatBix, Sultana Bran, Cornflakes, Coco Pops, Rice Bubbles, Nutra Grain, Toasted Muslies with Fruit & Nuts, Rolled Oat (Single Serve Packs) Muslie (Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free)

    Home Grown Stewed Rhubarb, Fruit Salid.     Dried Fruit & Nut Selection

    Homemade Yoghurt - Natual Unsweetened and Flavor of the Day

    Homemade Bread (I put a loaf on at night and guest wake to the smell of fresh bread) Gluten Free option a on request (always keep one in my freezer)

    Butter,  Olive Oil Spread, Cheese

    Peanut Butter,Nutella, Honey, Vegemite, Marmalade & 7 different Jams/Conserves/Jelly (mainly homegrown/made)

    Eggs - cooked any way a guest likes them

    Bacon, Baked Beans, Hash Browns

    Noodles - Chicken or Beef flavoured

    Rice - Basmati, Savoury Chicken Brown or Golden Vegetable


    Also Available - please order by 7pm night before: Sausages, Crossants, Ham

    Cafe style tea/coffee menu - Invested in a nice wee semi commercial coffee machine :-)






























    NOODLES: Chicken or Beef


    RICE: Basmati, Savoury Chicken Brown or Golden Vegetable




    Also Available – Please Order By 7 pm

    Full Cooked (Sausage, Bacon, Hash Brown, Bean, Eggs)

    Croissants, Ham & Cheese





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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Kravfish  - excellent idea. as you've pointed it out, it works great for holiday resorts. I have a city/business based villa, therefore requirements are strict, they sometimes want breakfast at early hours, which is great if all of them leave soon after. A lot more time to prepare rooms for the next wave of guests.

    Did you want to attach pictures? Cause there is an odd space in your comment.

    Reservenz  - sound amazing. Do you have pictures to go with it?

    How does the Vegemite sit with your foreigner guests?

    I'm also doing the 7PM the night before for everything on my menu, that way I can assure that they get everything fresh in the morning.

    I'm also thinking of a coffee machine, however the cost is not justified yet, as that can go up to 1500 Euros, the one that would fit our needs.

    What do you serve the rice with? Or it goes just plain like that?



    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Vakluka  - I totally feel your issue with pricing, that's what I'm struggling with. Going higher will make me lose business and not doing it also makes me lose business, such a dilemma. 


    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    We are self contained, our rooms all have kitchens and guests can prepare their own breakfast, so we do not offer any breakfast options and we are walking distance to a supermarket and a cafe which both serve cooked breakfast so I can't offer much in the way of our hosting experience.  However, looking at your breakfast menu I am surprised there is no eggs, bacon, toast option - this is a standard in most places I have stayed worldwide.  Also a fruit and pastry option would be nice too.  

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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Dear Angela ,

    The menu only includes what is cooked to order.

    We serve croissants with every type of meal they choose, a fruit basket is also present on the counter. However if they order Omelettes, I wouldn't give them any eggs.

    We had bacon and sunny side up eggs with toast, well... it didn't sell well and we had a bunch of work with it so we scrapped it from the menu.

    The menu in its current form is made in a way that everything can be prepared fast and there are many shared ingredients, cutting down on waste.

    Is there a way to keep bacon from running dry and to be like rubber if you prepare more of it before guests come down to eat?

    Best regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Ranthambore Bagh Palace

    For Villa I would offer you to suggest different various option not only in cuisine but also in terms of venues.

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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Ranthambore Bagh Palace,

    What do you mean by suggesting venues?

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    Stop talking about breakfast, I'm hungry now.

    Our solution was not to serve breakfast but to provide the option of a breakfast hamper. ie put the ingredients into the apartments and they create their own breakfast. We made it continental or full breakfast options. Only 10% of guests ask for the breakfast hamper which is only $5 pp (continental) or $9 with the eggs bacon and tomato added. 

    If we have groups in ( usually golfers) we do cook the breakfast for them and lay it out so they help themselves. NOTE: it is just me and my husband who do this - no staff.  We charge $15 pp for this additional service. Sometimes we will do this for couples in the Gazebo too.

    We have trialled adding continental breakfast as a bonus to some bookings and mostly it is used, but sometimes not even touched. The new fad dietry requiremnets is sometimes a challenge, especially if they don't tell you in advance. Some things are difficult to source in a small village without prior notice.

    We have found most choose self contained apartments so that they can prepare their own food, so we are not stressing about breakfast service anymore. We play it by ear on the day usually, it's not a big money spinner. Mind you some guests have said our cooked breakfast out in the Gazebo was the best they had all holiday.




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    Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)

    Dear Ginascott57,

    I just had my breakfast after serving my guests. 

    That's a very good option, I guess this works for any apartment style accommodation.

    Interesting name for your country retreat. 


    A question for everybody. Would you serve many types of bread or exchange bread for croissants?

    I find my guests loving croissants more than the bread buns we have (brown bread with many types of seeds).

    Best regards,

    Zsolt - www.thuild.com

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    Hotel Gulshan

    I think free breakfast can increase more booking but if you add free parking then must you booking increase 


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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Continental breakfast, fruit, egg / omelet/ fresh orange juice, home made bread, marmalade,  yogurt, I include in room price, and of course free parking.

    Visitor hate extra cost, but of course Booking.com make profit if you include in your room price, but you get more booking, more happy smiling customer. Good Luck

    Lucy -Le Balcon des Jasses

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Loving all of these breakfast photos! Please feel free to share them in our August Photo Challenge - Your Guest Breakfast Offering :) 


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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    I think you can do special menu of the day to make it look more attractive on menu. Also may be you can do special healthy drink, fruit juice/mix/shake. Seasonal local fresh fruit also good option.

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    Gosh.I think some of you are making it too tough. Keep it simple! here in the South of France.Adults do want a cooked breakfast./menu. Thats making rod for your own back at the low prices I charge

    I offer decent O.J, proper decent Coffee( not instant)/tea ,fresh baguette and pain au chocolat,croissants with selection of  Honey/jams and butter.I offer cereal/fruits in season/compot but little take up. I also offer boiled eggs( guests prefer 3mins to 5 mins) with occasional take up.

    Very easy to get from local Depot du Pain (open 8.15-to 10 am max!)in village.. I also always check with guests what time they want breakfast.Usually they are travelling on so 8 am-9 am is usual.. If its before 8 am I leave it all ready..

    No complaints and good scores.

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    Just to add my breakfasts are "Continental" inc in room rate.I think its mean and petty to start charging on top.Its just before when they leave so no point upsetting a guest before they zoom off again!

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    Benita Cyster

    thanking you all for the information around breakfast buffet - we have 4 rooms and mostly full over weekends - but also used to doing a small buffet for 2 guests. We make sure to send out an email prior to arrival to ask about food preferences thus is never surprised when someone is vegetation or needs gluten free foods etc.  I must say all our guest do respond.  We also make suggestions or ask guest to try something new to enjoy our village cuisine We set out:  the normal that people know of 

    • dry cereals - max 4  plus cold or hot milk - we do of course ask in order not to have any waste
    • seasonal fruit platter, served with muesli, x3 small jars with nuts, seeds, raisins etc and yoghurt
    • x2 fruit juices
    • Coffee and or tea on a small hot tray alongside with the cups in winter to keep cups and coffee warm longer ( guests love that )
    • pancakes - we size them different daily with syrup and cinnamon
    • Scones ( even if 2 guests )
    • muffins
    • home baked bread
    • shop bought bread ( a few slices - if 2 guests 2 white 2 brown bread slices)
    • butter,  grated cheese or slices
    • cold meat platter ( polony with tomato and cucumber)
    • sometimes if big groups that are in a hurry i do cocktail quiches and not bake other eggs that morning
    • the hotplate - never buffet I always bake on request which is x2 eggs of choice, x2 beef halaal chippolatas, mushroom, tomato 
    • always home cooked jams -village lifestyle important to us   

    guests do tell us they loved the breakfast options,  but beware there are those that love it to your face and then review something totally different . Maybe we should share recipes and ideas too. as well as tips

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