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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    Oe interesting topic this one. 

    We start promoting our peak weeks really early in the year already to ensure the resorts are nice and full. The more people at the property, the more activities we can arrange! I'm talking game nights, live music at the pool area, bonfire nights. Our guests loves seeing a resort that is buzzing with many holiday-goers and entertainment hosts. 

    This way we get return clients who prefer going on holiday only in the peak seasons! So it helps us fill our peak season for the next year as well.

    I'm looking forward to everyone's responses.

    Kind regards.

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    Denise Armstrong

    Clean, comfortable and friendly 

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    Hey everyone!

    Interesting question indeed and I'm keen to find out what other apartment hosts have to say.

    I currently own 3 apt and can't say I have a very different strategy regarding the peak season. Usually, my rating and reviews speak for themselves. I always try to give my guest the maximum information thru videos + guidebook and/or info about events happening during their stay. 

    To make sure the month is full, I start lowering prices by 5€ per night with 1.5 - 2 weeks before the empty dates. I don't use the Promotions menu because to be honest, I haven't gotten very good results.  I found it more efficient to simply lower the prices from the Calendar menu. The feedback I got was more good than the Promotions one. It would be interesting to get some statistics on the Promotions thing just to see the reach/impressions and so on.

    Looking forward to what others have to share!


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    I think that there are several ways of making sure that you have a successful peak season:

    1. Decide on your rates and set them and your availability in your listings a year in advance, so that you get the people who like to prepare in advance. Also, some people want to make sure that they get the accommodation they want, and are prepared to pay more to make sure that they do, so this also an opportunity to try to put prices up a little (you can always bring them down later).

    2. Make sure that you get any preparatory work (maintenance, improvements etc) done WELL in advance. There's nothing worse than frantically chasing suppliers and tradesmen just as your guests are about to arrive.

    3. Try to find suggestions for ways to improve your offering, whether it's a welcome gift, smart new toiletries, or something else. Guests love feeling that you care, and that you've made an effort, and it's these things that they'll tell other people about.

    4. Write to all of your old guests and tell them about what you're improving, invite them to come again etc. Even if they don't book, they'll be reminded of your property and may mention it to others.

    5. If you have a website, Facebook page or Instagram account for your property, start posting enticing images and posts in the winter to get people interested!

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    Predrag Mihailovic

    My politics is: if I hate something when I'm guest, I do not offer it to my guests.

    Used toilet brush ? No ! I give a new one to every guest.

    Old shower curtain ? No. I change it monthly.




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    Hello !

    For the peak seasons of May, June and July, we try to make sure all the rooms are occupied by managing our rates. If a room is left vacant, and the rest are booked, we lower the rate for that room. Its a bit hectic to have a full house, but I think the guests prefer to have people around, and we can have bonfire nights where everyone can socialize. 

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    Different strokes for different folks... be flexible, always be friendly, always offer great quality ( we have a customer rating of 99%!!)  and great value for money.

    We focus on selling peace and quiet, even in the middle of summer; a pretty cool trick.

    We focus too on a clean and stunning environment with fresh sea air, clean seas, clean beaches and no pollution and no crowds and we're only 2 1/2 hours from a major international airport..

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    Neat and clean accommodation with Best price of the vicinity. Hassle free check in and motivated staff for catering.

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    Hi All,

    We promote our peak season with every check-out! We offer guests so many incentives to return and to make their reservation directly with the hotel and find that ‘word of mouth’ is still a very effective promotional tool.

    At each check-out the guest receives a promo code to receive a % discount off any reservation made through our website. They are told that they can share their code with their family and friends and anyone else they like. They are also given a flyer outlining the benefits of reserving direct.

    The hotel is part of a Group that owns over 20 bars, restaurant, shops and night venues in the area. Each guest who makes their reservation through our web page receives a VIP card that offers them a discount/benefit at each one of these venues. This year 3 other venues in the same town who are not part of the Group have asked to be included in the scheme. All the venues benefits and the guest's experience is far greater.

    We also offer extras like reduced cost airport transfers, complimentary beach packages (beach bag, beach towel, parasol, discount sunbed) and complimentary water package (free daily bottle of water) to direct reservations.

    As part of the ‘thank you for reserving’ message we send to each new reservation, we include an encouragement to check-out the hotel’s Facebook page where the guest can finds more information about the benefits that the Group can offer to guests of the hotel.

    Over the past years we have seen the number of reservations made via OTAs be reduced considerably and the number of return guests increase.

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    Make sure the main picture shows your best assets, regarding to the season. Showing nice weather, outdoor scene, think of what "dream" people look for within your possibilities. In my case it's the garden, the quietness and green. Also consider to raise the prices, people like the idea to buy something luxurious. At the same time it filters the ones who wanna have 'first row for a dime' ;) But after all, any hospitality business will only work with decency, kindness and the art of making people feel good. Success!

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    The rates are appropriately higher during peak season to compensate for the higher demand. But I think that the most important aspect is to not devalue your product.We're often inundated with data showing that our rates are higher than the comparables in our area, with the objective of reducing the rate to increase bookings. 

    If you have a beautiful, well located house or condo in a desirable vacation or business hot spot, then don't devalue your product. It devalues it in the eyes of potential guests as well.

    Guests are willing to pay a little bit more if they're getting value for their money and you shouldn't be nervous about it because what you're offering is a fair price. 

    It's a price / booking volume balance and resisting the urge to cave in to the "lower your rate" bombardment. High season is when we generate the revenues that we need to make sure that our properties continue to offer a great vacation package to our future guests.

    With that being said I am offering a very nice, well equipped, well located vacation home in Southern Florida, which is a vacation hot spot. So if I continually lower my rates then I'll need to work that much harder to fill my house throughout the year.

    The rate competition game is a game that is difficult to win. So I am confident that I'm offering my guest a very good value for their cost and I work hard to make sure that they get it. The guest feedback will let you know if they appreciate it or not (guests don't like to over-pay and will hold you to a higher performance bar).

    Everything else mentioned above about furnishings, treating your guests well, perfect housekeeping, etc, goes without saying in my opinion..

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    Optmize Vacations

    Hello Every One !

    Let me try to add a new perspective to discussion.

    When peak season is just around the corner, it’s exciting – you’re looking forward to welcoming guests and having full occupancy. However, you may also be worried about managing the increased workload that awaits you.

    Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re 100% prepared for peak season at your bed and breakfast. 

    1. Review your length of stay restrictions

    2. Review your rates & packages

    3. Don't overbook.

    4. Anticipate your staffing needs.

    5. Connect with your former guests.

    6. Anticipate big or small events in your location.

    7. Scroll down reviews & feedbacks and make mends.

    I feel this covers almost all of it. Have a great season.



    Optmize Vacations Goa. India



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    i am new on on booking.com so but share something to you . we have to make best clean  our property and professional staff. give best rate to costumer. best service to guest .  

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    We have three rooms. I have a wife who smiles and asks guests about their grandchildren. Renting out your rooms to friends who come back year after year is more about the way they are treated than the property or ambiance. The humble Farmer, St. George, Maine

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    Prabir Goswami

    Costs & well done up rooms cum facilities aside, a warm sensitive, host providing personalised interaction, meeting each guest's needs makes a huge difference. Time & inclination of guest permitting, exchange of experiences - travel, personal interests like sports, movies, children, grand-children makes a guest respond. Plus good food in keeping with what the guest likes - surprise yummy items help.As a Homestay, all members are on board, contributing to make the stay not just comfortable but refreshingly memorable.

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    Jan Terborg714

    We have a natural attraction nearby, as well as other natural areas nearby. We try to tailor each trip for each group- including medical issues and allergies. Our peak season is March's spring breaks (there are three in the region) so offering activities for kids and teens in a tiny town is critical for repeat bookings.

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    Our peak season is Summer, when children are on holiday. We make families with children very welcome, and always find time to answer any questions guests may have. Our pools are especially enjoyed by children, and many of our young guests have learned to swim there. Our aim is for all the family to have a wonderful, unforgettable holiday - just like holidays we had when our children were young.

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    On pick season my price is higher, but guests are receiving little extras, like free wine, fruits or shuttle service

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    Our peak season is April - May and then September - October. I update my calendar frequently, sometimes twice a day, in order to take last minute guests when I have free rooms. Promotions work well with my add

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    We don't really have a peak season in the traditional sense.  Our "peak" season changes every year.    

    We find that as long as you maintain and equip your apartments to the highest standard possible, restock inventory items regularly -  teaspoons always seem to go missing;  stock a decent welcome pack and a household pack, then guests will appreciate the quality of accommodation.   

    For us, we don't entertain yo-yo rating. We found it more trouble than it was worth.  A few years back we trialled it, but found it only attracted the less favourable guest.  Our repair/maintenance costs went up and to add insult to injury, those guests were the ones who left lower review grades.

    We now keep our rates steady throughout the year and just offer genius bookers and last minute bookers a discount.  Our repair/replacements costs have reduced.  

    We are in the industry where people will always criticise what they believe is value for money.  As long as you are confident that you provide a good all round service and quality of accommodation and you are on top of your admin, then you shouldn't really need any special preparation.



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    In a big city like Atlanta we always look at the city wide conventions, sports team schedules, school's schedules and city events...evaluate the #s of people and then set rate and minimum stay parameters.  This is helpful for a 6 room luxury B&B in MidTown Atlanta to keep our rates at a premium.  We also promote to our International partners as the International guest tends to be a longer stay customer.

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    Sir we do prepare the room on a proactive basis.

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    Now is the time to freshen up all serviced accommodation to offer a crisp summer look by removing heavy rugs and blankets, perhaps change the cushion covers to lighter summer colours and add colourful plastic tumblers and tableware for those young visitors during the holidays.

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    From a revenue point of view , last year performance for the peak season to be studied plus this year helping/adverse factors then to decide rates , restrictions , supplements , cancellation policy ..etc .

    Operation wise , guest preference and time of arrival to be ascertaining ahead of time to manage back to back situations the best way possible . plus informing the guest about the ongoing promotions , F&B activities to provide the best value and secure the best revenue .

    Thirdly , act like an ambassador for all the departments about the peak season so all involved department are aware and ready and well prepared .

    Look forward to reading your inputs as well , folks !


    Fadi Morcos 


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    to meet the guests and fullfill anything they ask

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    George Aristidou

    Have the rates up from a year before. Not avalable under 7 days. Everyday at the villa sort out anything comes up in seconds. All the above are good opinions but each accommodation has its own character.

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    Judy A Beyeler

    When on holiday a good sleep is paramount.  We ensure a very comfortable bed and good quality pillows (both feather and poly filled).  Our guest often check in late so we provide enough groceries for a healthy fulfilling breakfast.  Over the few years of doing this we have found a good balance of necessary items, of good quality, for use by guests.  All accessories and cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

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    Hard work, interaction with the quests and competitive pricing through out the year is the key to a successful business, among with other every day actions that will make every guest happy and most important make their vacation right.

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    As a holiday home provider I like to go above and beyond my call of duties just simply going that little bit extra gives that customer that little special feeling you've thought of them. I bake fresh cakes and leave them a tray with tea coffee milk and sugar, I feel when your clients get to there destination they crave a warm drink . 

    The whole holiday home is stripped from top to bottom and cleaned from head to toe not trying to miss a thing giving them a holiday that I would simply be wanting and paying for , the holiday home as to be immensely spotless and keeping on top of things this is not to much trouble. I leave a booklet full of sightseeing ventures restaurants fairgrounds with discounts for there own entertianment should they choose there own. Every customer is different one might like the fairs the others the theatre, well not a problem you cater for all. 

    Our beds are all luxury Memory Foam to offer the guest that little bit more comfort for sleeping relaxing and enjoying themselves, all bedrooms have a tv so they can watch tv in bed if they choose. 

    All of customers on arrival , are given a welcome box of little nic nacks what they may need crackers cheese bottle wine ham butter and few other things.

    You can see by our reviews we offer and provide a clean immaculate holiday home , nothing is to much just ask and we shall try to help, beds are made up fresh for arrival , fresh pressed towels in the bathrooms ready for them to.

    I pride myself on delivering such a service , which is to what I would require should i book a holiday.


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    Hi everyone !

    I offer to my clients a cozy , Super clean place to relax as I would like to see when I travel around.

    I run my bed and breakfast as best as possible , I make handmade cakes , pudding ,all ingredients must be high quality .

    Don't forget smile !


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