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    I would guess this is more of a 'developer' error...  and it will be 'back up top' real soon.

    If you make a 'mistake' in HTML code - it will put the table element at the bottom of the page - end of the table, instead of on the right side - where it was before.

    and when you ask a 'developer' if it's broken...
    Sometimes they say, we are testing out a new 'feature' - thanks for your feedback.   :)


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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    You will get used to this, its a lot of security, lot of informations, it need to be safe.

    I like it, I use it every day, of course now for more than 12 years, but you get use to it, be positive, its working

    Le Balcon des Jasses




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    and now it's back to "normal."  -    :)

    Somebody fixed the code.


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    Leandri Klopper

    MikeM , I nearly burst into song this morning when I saw it. Of course I spammed the feedback on all of the properties I have.  Thanks for the support!

    Le Balcon des Jasses , I love the system! The fact that they do these odd little "let's see if they notice" tests indicate to me that they are serious about developing the best frontend/backend for their partners to use. 

    It seems my call worked, haha. 

    Have a swell week everyone! 

    (May I have time to take a breath this week, unlike last week.)

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    The Peak Pavilion

    Thank you for the advice.

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    Marina Duggan

    Hi Forum,

    I am new on Today I found Gray line on the calendar in most bookable month August.

    Read your comments and still did not get it. What does it mean this grey line?

    Please explain for the student of



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    If you could share a screenshot - we could be more helpful.    - Have you tested to see if you can 'book' these rooms from your listing on ?

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