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    Matt - The Lastage Inn, Amsterdam

    Hi there,

    I'm not sure if the dates are the same for every country but here in the Netherlands we are always paid by, or on, the 15th of the month. My payment just came in this afternoon so yours shouldn't be too far away. Don't panic, although i've had a few issues here and there with BDC, i've never had a problem getting paid.

    Kind regards

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    Yes, our payments are always around the middle of the month and so far after 2 years with a B&B in England and 6 months with a B&B in France we have always been paid. Luckily with no issues so far.

    If you need to ring them you should be able to find your local number on your extranet but you can ring numbers outside of your own country if your number is not working. For example, my French is not very good yet, so I ring the number for London if I need advice or help. Good luck.

    Many thanks



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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Elia Kirwan,

    Sorry to hear about your struggles. 

    I think Matt - The Lastage Inn, Amsterdam  has mostly answered your question. 

    For communicaton with them, try using this directory.

    Best of luck!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Elia-Kirwan and welcome to the forum. As said above is always in time with my payments. On the 15th of every month. Just wondering are you looking the right banking account? Some partners had problems with payments and it was that they had given wrong number account. Maybe that’s your case.

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    Eugenia Ruaburo Agbisit Sikdar


    I get so excited when I received booking especially during low season only to find that the credit card is invalid.  The supposed guest does not even come back .... sad

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    Yes, I have also experienced confusion around payment. Sometimes guests think they have paid by credit card, but they haven't and it is a bit embarrassing. I usually print the guest record sheet from the extranet to show as proof. I had some guests who paid for their stay directly to, well in advance of their trip. It was a full month stay, and so it represented quite a bit of money. Receiving the payout from in the middle of the month after they left (they left in January and I was paid in February) was very hard on my cash flow. I have since then been trying to get guests to pay directly into my account instead, and am still working out if I can use PayPal to support this. While I do have card facilities, they demand that the card and the cardholder be present when I process a transaction. so virtual credit cards are useless to me.

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