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    Welcome to the forum. I cannot answer all your questions, but will give 'best guess'!

    Condo Hotel, not something I have heard of, however if you wish to reclassify it to something else you can talk it through with your Account Manager who should be able to advise.

    Be careful about keeping a guest's card on file as you are subject to Data Protection Rules and regulations of whatever country you are from. We use to copy and paste them and then delete on their exit - however we stopped this practice as it meant we had customer card records on our PC and if we were hacked that would get us in big trouble. We have since found that our Channel Manager securel keeps card details and we can sign on and request sight of them whenever we want to.

    Check in and Check out times are available to the customer on booking as have these details available - however you need to input them in the Extranet - see Property/Policies.

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