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    My partner Craig and I live on 1 and 1/2 acres in Northern Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. We have 2 guest suites in the house, 2 cabins and a cottage on the same property. We can sleep up to 21 people. We don't serve breakfast to the people in the cottage but they can purchase it for extra. We have been running the bnb since December 2016. We have free range chickens for fresh eggs and bee hives. This year we are planting more gardens to attract the many birds in the area and to feed our bees and attract butterflies as well. Last year we put in a pond in our circle driveway. It will be a great feature that people will take photos of. Last year we also planted some raspberry bushes and this year we will add strawberry plants as well as some vegetables. Teresa, Cape Chin Bed and Breakfast

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Villalavanda 


    That sounds awesome! 

    I quite like your story!   ( quit is stopping ;)

    Dutchy in Italy. Lucky you ! 

    Well me and hubby are here in New Zealand since 2002 and that's not bad either.

    You may have seen some pictures here and there. 

    You and your daughter may have some breakfast tips for us in the near future.

    I love cooking and am sure many hosts do. 

    Do you have a good egg recipe with photo for something light in the morning? 

    We could add that to the folder in guests' apartment. 


    Chiao en groetjes

    Aaltje B. the Catlins NZ


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    Dharma Raj baral

    Hi there, my name is Dharma ! I have owner of " pokhara abroad Inn" it's a furnished apartment in pokhara Nepal and a tour company " step Nepal trekking" working in travel tourism 30 years already but own the travel trekking company on 2000 and apartment business on 2013 , I love to travel meeting new people around the world at my apartment or on your company or while I travel. If any of your want to know always welcome! Thanks you all.

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    Duma Lodge

    Hello everyone, my name is Magdel (for short). So... i am the receptionist/manager/bar lady/marketing person/HR person of Duma Lodge. I always joke and say i'm the general employee, go where i'm needed.


    Duma Lodge is a beautiful garden of Eden stashed away next to the N4 high way of Mpumalanga, Nelspruit, South Africa. We have a perfectly situated 3 ha of land surrounded by mountains and agriculture. Its called the Lowveld, everything is always green here.

    We mostly cater for travellers who need a rest over or pit-stop, as the N4 connects every single attraction from the right and left side of our location for over 200km. From Johannesburg to Maputo.

    The current owners Mariola and Mirek Luzynski have had Duma for the last 7 years, and are polish immigrants who have made sunny S.A their home and Duma Lodge, a home away from home. 

    Well...nice to meet you all and share a little. 

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    Oscar Subirana


    Hello! I am Oscar. I'm from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. South America. 

    We are not a hotel at Condominio Palma Blanca. We are an apartment building which rents furnished, three-bedroom apartments, accommodating up to six guests. The apartments also have complete and independent service quarters. 

    On the roof; there are two huge grills on one side, and a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the whole neighborhood and a great part of the city. Our location is in “Barrio Las Palmas”, undoubtedly, the most exclusive part of town. We are just a couple hundred yards away from “Las Palmas Golf and Country Club”, and less than three miles from downtown Santa Cruz.

    It’s been a couple years since we signed up for We did well the first year, but last year, unfortunately we got no business. We hope to get some this time.

    If can help in any way, please count on me... 

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    Well done Ilaria this is a type of a question that am convinced will boost this forum's traffic and performance. Tharma and travelidintenational congrats you are my different end competitors(trekking and backpacking services). info is this Ontario Canada?Am also happy to see a host from Bolivia is in

    happy ending Mr.Oscar!

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    Prabir Goswami

    Hallo Everybody here, a few words from Jheelam Homestay at Bhopal. 

    I am a retired soldier, my wife a retired teacher, ex-insurance sales lady & a home maker. We are being assisted by my elder son, Sharat, in running the Homestay.  We happen to have a comfortable lakeside home with a decent private garden.  We have been with for a few years now and it has been a satisfying experience. Met lots of folks from many different parts of the world. They have enriched our view of their countries and made some enduring friends. If our dining table could speak, it would narrate some lovely stories of the guests who have made our decision to let out our available rooms worth our while.  At our age, such company is truly welcome.

    We look forward to more occupancies, not too many, to keep our experience going and growing.

    With best wishes,

    Brig Prabir and Joba Goswami

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    Benita Cyster

    Hi Forum Partners 

    I am Benita Cyster ,ex- school teacher, hubby Peter a dentist, kids Kelly Political science honneurs student, Reeve BComm graduate and playing provincial Cricket, Pierz final year at school grade 12   -  and running our first generation tourism business Lumley's Place in a small historic village - (the village was started by freed slaves in 1843) - PNIEL - meaning Face of God - Genesis 32:30 -  We started in Dec 2008  and not groomed in business we took the leap of wanting to leave a family legacy via the business. We currently have 4 en-suites and 1 backpacker room - God willing finishing off 2 more self-catering units end 2019.   we loving what we do and grow and learn through the eyes and knowledge of our guests. Very community orientated - our guests are welcome to walk down the village and will for sure be welcomed by any home owner for a chat, a cuppa tea , etc.   I make it a priority to meet and greet all guests myself if not upon arrival then at breakfast - which i cook myself too - we bring the village to the breakfast table - by means of recipes or fruit from their homes or gardens - season permitting of course.  Simplicity is key to us - very simple living habits - nothing fancy   but we care well   - as well as love guests to share their stories and lives - we borrow recipes from them and incorporate in our menu - guests actually love to share -  Being in a so called coloured Village in SA brings about challenges as people has perceptions of ethnic groups in SA.  We have a 360degree mountains view from our balconys - it is very quiet and love opening my door to good guests.   God bless

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    There is a beautiful beach nearby as well.. 

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    I am Ansari Mohamed from the Capital of God's own country, Kerala. A lush green state of India where no Winter or Autumn is experienced.
    I started a small hostel TravelAid Dorms, for backpackers whom I liked when I traveled with them through the mossy forest of Cameroon Hills in Malaysia. Now we had quests from many countries who are young and well behaved except two. I wish to get more every day to being young like them.

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    I'm Jenny and I'm originally from Holland.

    I live since 1997 in Apulia in the South of Italy.

    In the past I have travelled quit often to many places in the world.

    More or less by chance I started my B&B in the year 2006.

    I have 3 very nice rooms with lots of services and extra's  and about 87% of my guests come from either Holland or Belgium, because guests like to have a host who speaks the same language as they do. I also speak fluently Italian of course and English, still quit good German and my French is a tiny bit rusty. 

    Apulia has much to offer to my guests and I made my own info book about this region, so that my guests do not really have to prepare for their holidays, but can use my book as their guide.

    My daughter give Hands on cooking lessons (Apulian cuisine) and she also does workshops about horses ranging from half a day till a  whole week.

    What’s your property like?
    How long have you been in the business?

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    dharma i just saw your property i guess you receives a lot of guests enroute to Everest.wish allows a person pin up  a property to your propertie's preferences,could have done that hahaha. i always admire being in Nepal.....I am trekking operator in Mt Kenya

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    Mashi Niwarthana

    Hi guys, 

    I'm Gimashi Niwarthana from SriLanka. 

     And I have a small Guest which is running by a family. 

    It is from 2007. 

    I have 6 rooms with air con, hot water. And a restaurant too. 

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    Hello, my name is Alison, and I am a retired administrator, and my husband is a builder. We opened our accommodation business in 2008, after much discussion and of course a lot of hard work on my husband's part, who I had pestered for so long to build. We have 2 ensuited bedrooms, with a lovely large lounge and dining area, with their own conservatories, and are able to take up to 6 people.  At first, it was all quite daunting, but we have enjoyed every minute, have learnt so much about the tourism side of things, have never looked back, and have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world.  We live in New Zealand, and we are very privileged to be in a one of the most beautiful parts of our country, with Mt. Ruapehu being on our back doorstep.  We are 30 minutes away from the Tongariro Heritage National Park, as well as the Whanganui National Park. Our village is very small, but not lacking in friendliness, generosity or community minded people, and Ron and I have had great pleasure in helping our community in as many ways as possible.  The special side to all of this is being able to hear all of our guests' stories, what they do, what their families do, their tales of travel, what their country is like, how does it all compare to ours? and knowing you have made new and great friendships with each of your guests.  We wouldn't change that for the world.!

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Moira ,

    I've been to Cape Agulhas! I climbed that Lighthouse all the way to the top, it has super steep "stairs" (pff more like a ladder). But what caught me was... the wind. When you exit at the top of the lighthouse you best be holding onto something because that wind... The Cape at it's best!

    I will definitely earmark Redsky for a visit when next I come down. 

    Great picis!

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    May life give you something very special to you Marita for taking care of your 4- brothers and 3-sisters. What do you serve for breakfast? :)

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    Hello Everyone

    My name is Lynnie and I live in a lovely little village in the chalke valley in the south of England, We have opened up our home to guests and run a small bed and breakfast just 3 miles from the beautiful city of Salisbury.

    We have four rooms which we let out and am proving to be quite popular.

    We are minutes away from the race course, we have a local shop/post office and a wonderful local pub/restaurant.

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    Hi, all I am Moira. I was born in Namibia and moved to South Africa when I was 16. In 2013 I moved to Namibia again to go look after my brother who was dying of cancer. There I met my husband Jan who was there to clean his head after his huge restaurant the Nostra was swallowed by the sea. We moved back last year in March as I missed my children too much. We decided to go into the hospitality industry as we love meeting new people.

    Boasting sea views, Redsky self-catering Agulhas is situated in Agulhas, around less than 1 km from Agulhas National Park. Guests staying at this apartment have access to free WiFi and a fully equipped kitchen. The apartment consists of 1 bathroom .dining room and a living room. 2 large bedrooms and a 3/4 bed. A flat-screen TV is featured. The apartment offers a barbecue. A terrace is available on site and both fishing and hiking can be enjoyed within close proximity of the property. Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is a 10-minute walk from Redsky self-catering Agulhas, while Southernmost Tip of Africa is 1.8 km from the property. Private and a romantic getaway place that accommodates families as well as their pets. Our guests arrive as guests but leave as best friends.

    We started hosting in July 2018

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    Thanks, Leandri lol yes the wind can get to you lol. our property is so nice as one side gets wind and the other side not lol so you just us the side that is windless lol our upstairs office and bedroom also has 2 balconies so we move from stoep to stoep hehehe like real boere hehe. you were very brave at the lighthouse.....I am afraid of heights so will never be able to go up there lol lol xxxx let me know if ever you guys come this way !!!! Have a super blessed day girl,

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    M Adamopoulou

    Moira thanks for sharing your story and experiences with us. Your place must be very special and you a great host. Guests certainly appreciate your kindness and friendliness.
    Have a splendid weekend...

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    Pleasure Maria and thank you so much for your kind words!!!! You place is on my bucket list. since I can remember it's been my wish....but then life happened. But now at nearly 53, I am still dreaming to go.xxxx have a blessed evening all xx

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    M Adamopoulou

    Moira never forget that dreams sometimes come true!!!
    I hope your dreams come true and one day I see you in front of my door!!!!
    You are very welcome...
    Keep on dreaming my girl...

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    M Adamopoulou

    Marita you must be very proud of your family. Having seven grandchildren must be a wonderful experience. I only have one granddaughter and I am thrilled. Your description of your beautiful town is very exciting. I very well understand what you mean about fresh air and how incredible it is. My home is iup in the hills and fresh wind never stops...
    Wish you a marvelous weekend..

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    Thankyou for the welcome, I am new to all of this so am looking and learning.😍

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    Nilam Zainulabdeen

    Greetings from K108 Hotel..!

    I am Nilam Zainulabdeen from Doha, Qatar, In this Business Since 15 years working with

    and I am where very happy to joint in this forum.  I look forward to continuing. Thanks and wish you all a pleasant Day. 

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    Hello, Greetings from Hotel Morning Glory which is located in Kudat, Sabah ,Malaysia.

    This is the place where the Tip of Borneo is situated. You can google and see how beautiful this place is.

    This small town is famous for its sea food and beautiful beaches.

    Am glad to be in this forum. We are consider still new in this business and hope to learn more from all of you.


    Thank you and God bless.


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    Hi my name is Rob, my wife Mary and I moved from Buckinghamshire England to county Mayo in Ireland 2 years ago to open and run bed and breakfast, always been our dream. We opened Marnic House B&B on 1st March 2017, we have just celebrated our 2nd birthday.
    Marnic House has 4 en-suite rooms , breakfast room and guest lounge. Big enough for the 2 of us to run without getting help in. Last year we opened up our back garden to caravans and Motorhomes, I love where I live and want as many people as possible to see it. or

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    M Adamopoulou

    Wow!!! Info your back yard is beautiful. Tranquility and relaxation what else for a perfect Holliday.
    Your BnB is also very unique.
    Wish you all the best for the coming season...

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    Where you’re from?

    I am from Brisbane, Australia.  Brisbane is becoming very popular with travelling guests.

    What’s your property like?

    We have a large home which has got too big for my partner and myself. We turned the top floor of our house into a B&B.  It has three large queen sized bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Our property is called Brisbane, Modern and Convenient Coorparoo and we have been in the B&B business since mid 2017.  

    We really enjoy meeting and talking to guests from all over the world.  It is hard work but enjoyable when we get such great reviews and information that the guests share with us about their visits to Brisbane and how much they enjoyed their stay.  It is very satisfying.


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