payment of virtual credit cards

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    You process the card by inputting the details held in the extranet by the customers booking.You can only do this from the day your guest arrives and not before

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    High David and many thanks for your hints. Yes I did receive a Virtual credit card for the payment of a customer, but the question is, how can I get this money. I have no credit-card machine as I am a private person. Looking forward to your further assistance. Christian

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    Hi, If you do not have a credit card terminal then you should not be accepting payment via the virtual credit card.This method of payment allows guest to pay BDC on line then BDC send the virtual card number expiry date and CCC code just as if the guest was booking direct with you.Call BDC support ASAP and ask them if they can pay the money direct by bank transfer into your account furthermore you must go into your extranet and disable the ability for you to accept the virtual card bookings.

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    Ooops. Without a credit card machine with customer not-present-facility or a third party card processing service you will not be able to process VCC.

    Two choices;

    1) Obtain a VCC capable machine from your bank or use a 3rd party service

    2) Contact BDC, let them know your card status and change the payment system. They can send a bank transfer for all check-outs in one calendar month, on the 15th of the following month.

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    You can stop the virtual card yourself by following the instructions below


    Go to extranet

    click on property

    click on policies

    Where it says guest payment options click on it

    Allowing guests to pay online CLICK NO


    If this option is set at default by BDC then you should call them and let them no you did not agree to this



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