Help re viewing my property on Saudi Arabia version of

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    I suspect you are having problems with guests arriving and say they are not aware of what your policies are...I am surprised at the number of guests who arrive here and have not read the information provided.    I would not worry about checking what is on you site in Saudi.   What you have provided on will be seen no matter where the guests come from.   I have lived in Saudi so know where you are coming from!   I now have my policies printed in different languages for guests to read and sign to say they have read the policies.   I have also included in the policies that any damages will be charged for.   I have had things taken and so many towels ruined so had to do something!   I take payment via credit card so that is there are any issues I inform the guest then charge the card accordingly.

    Good luck and enjoy hosting.

    Kind regards.


    "Waikonini Homestead" Peel Forest. NZ

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    Thank You very much for your reply. It supports what I assumed. We will have to see if we can get some translated documents prepared in case of this happening again. 

    So far in the 10 months since we started, we have only had two bookings where the customers didn't speak English. One from Taiwan and one from Saudi. However I will get some more no smoking stickers - they are a universal language :-)



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    AG Lodging

    Booking system has parallel translations of everything that you can choose while setting up your property. At the guest side, it will be displayed accordingly.

    Items and settings that you CHECK/SELECT are marked as "item No. 3" or "setting No. 4". When guest is looking at site at some language, these contents are displayed at that language.

    On the other hand, FREE TEXT that you enter should be provided by you in as many languages as you can. This includes descriptions at "Your profile" page, where you can enter free text in several languages. If the description does exist at guest's language, it will be displayed as such. If not, it will be displayed at the default language.

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    Thank You AG Lodging, I think this may be the key as some info appears as text. 


    It looks like I have a bit todo to review info from our Channel manager through to booking,com and ensure we get everything covered properly 

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