The guest block the gate and refuse departure

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    Aaltje B.

    If police is not assisting or listening, then find someone very strong. And place her outside the  unit, with her stuff. 

    It looks like the woman is mentally not stable.


    Things happen. 

    You need a hot bath and nice music now :)

    And hopefully good guests will come your way. 


    Aaltje B. 

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    Mashi Niwarthana

    What is the reason for doing these kinds of things? Unbelievable. 😳

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    Aaltje B.

    Some people have problems, psychological problems. 

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    Aaltje B.

    We as hosts can't choose who we get. We can't tell from a picture if someone is 100%

    Even during the stay, things can change. Starts ok , but then......(oooh dear! ) 


    Always guard yourself - meaning, be prepared...

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    Lotus House Luxor

    Well we hoped could help !! - anyway she is now not allowed to book our place anymore and i do hope will not allow to book any place at all. 

    I do undestand guest can be mental ill.... and always we try to help - but in this case it was out of our hands.


    Happy easter to all :) 


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