How can I remove my property from Agoda?

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    I didn't know that by joining you could end up with Agoda. Are you sure you didn't join up with Trip Advisor who work with both. I have enough problems with but I would not touch Agoda with a ten fot barge pole as it is absolute hell trying to get hold of customer support.

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    Lee Kasemets

    Good morning,

    Yes, I am sure. We are only in AirBnB and They are mirroring my property, against my will, from to Agoda site. And now also in Kayak.

    I have been talking with they customer service more than year about this topic and keep on saying same thing: "we are sorry about this but Agoda is our partner and we can´t do anything about this. But we can put you on list of customers who wan´t to be removed from Agoda."

    So far, nothing has happened. That is why asked if some one has managed to get rid off Agoda.

    EDIT: And when I get reservation from Agoda or Kayak it comes to Extranet. But there is no info where that reservation has been made. And I just checked my info in Agoda and Kayak- there is plenty of mistakes. This is quite frustrating. 


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    I have been frustrated a few times with duplicate bookings and bookings made when I had blocked days in advance - see my post - I wonder if it is connected ?

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    Hudson George

    I have the same issue. I just learned that one of my guest booked through Agoda. However, Agoda does not indicate all the fine prints mentioned in like they need to make a deposit. Also the charge in Agoda does not include the other fees like cleaning. I also don’t think that the guest can receive the messages you sent them via the host portal.


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    Same here.  Agoda is awful and has listed us under an incorrect category.  I do not even want to show up on Agoda but there seems no way to stop this. did not seek my permission.  Our reputation is at risk because Agoda does not have correct information from too.

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    Hi all - we too are having the same problems with bookings from Agoda via  Working with is great.  Their support staff are so pleasant,  responsive and knowledgeable, but they can't fix the problem of us receiving bookings from Agoda with no contact details for the guests.   The support staff did email us and tell us how to recognize an Agoda booking - the phone number on the booking advice will have symbols such as & %2B - There is also an email on the booking advice, but we know from experience that guests never receive the emails we send them.  So apparently both the phone and email are useless.  The only way we have been able to contact our guests is to ring support to have them contact Agoda in order for us to (ideally) get guest contact details - or (basically) ask the guests a question/agoda contact the guest on our behalf.   THis is such a waste of time and resources for both us and support.  I can't understand why puts up with it!.   

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    In the end I've had to put a stop sell on until there is a way to opt out of 3rd party distribution.  Agoda continue to market us incorrectly and don't give us an option to opt out.

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    Ted Clive

    Ted yes i must agree i don't want to be with Agoda we are misrepresented on there site and they reduce the price of what our room price is on booking. Agoda awful  

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    I am in the same situation. I have created a property on and the same on agoda also.

    And my rooms are duplicated on Agoda. I have on agoda the rooms from Booking and the rooms from agoda, ti is a little mess.

    Names and amenties are not duplicate correctly and the price can be different, so it is not interessant to delete the agoda rooms.

    And of course when I call Booking or when you arrive to contact the agoda property support (only by mail there is no phone number for owners), they can do nothing.

    They should propose the possibility to stop the duplication from

    I supposed they can control it, because at begining all the rooms were duplicated and now there is only 2 duplicate.

    It is very frustrating.

    there is also a problem with the names in Agoda that you can choose only from a preselection, you cannot custom them, but it is another story...

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    Hello victims of Agoda,

    We too have had our share of problems from guests who booked through Agoda. Wherein, our policy states that we require a prepayment/deposit before we can guarantee and secure the reservation of a guest, else, their reservation will be waived and their slots will be opened for other guests to book. We even send emails to guests regarding this matter, unfortunately not all of them read their emails.

    Agoda, however, did not indicate this on their fine print and/or list of policies, and worse, it's stated that "payment will be collected at the property" causing confusion from guests.

    We've had a situation just this week where multiple guests booked from Agoda(which are already cancelled since no deposit was received) have arrived at our property at a day where we are fully booked. Imagine the catastrophe in that, and they defended that they have a booking confirmation from Agoda.

    Unfortunately for us, is partnered with travel agencies such as, KAYAK,,, OpenTable.(open link and scroll down at the very bottom to see the list of company they are partnered with)



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    Wira Yusoff

    I'm also having the same issue. is a great platform with great support. But Agoda is horrible.. Every chance I get, I will tell my guest not to use Agoda. I received a few bookings from Agoda via but I am unable to communicate with the guest at all until they arrived panicking not knowing how to check in. My apartment is a self check in but prepayment is needed. Agoda never mentioned this to guests... Not sure what to do now..

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    Hello again everyone,

    Just to follow up. So agoda and made a few updates to our extranet account and booking descriptions(agoda). I just had to contact the local support team(Number located by clicking on the inbox tab> Messages) and address my concerns. They then redirected me to the local account manager wherein I emailed our concerns and attached images with difference regarding the prepayment policy.

    Later that day, Voilà. our prepayment policy is already indicated at agoda perspective and they added a "cancellation button" at our extranet account, which only works if a prepayment or a message isn't received 24 hours prior to the requested cancellation. Not sure if this just applied to us or to other extranet property owners as well.

    Anyways, hope this information helps out a lot and good-luck to all businesses out there.

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    I don't know if this is any help - but I logged into Agoda YCS and put each of my rooms as unavailable for 12 months, so I don't show up if anyone searches Agoda at all. This may not suit some people, but Agoda kept discounting my rooms without my consent - sometimes 23% or more, so I am happy not to show up on their site.

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    I hate Agoda. They published our room price wrongly and never fixed it until now. Even though we close room for Agoda,they still publish thru our allotment. We have face many problems with customer just because of Agoda's price. Plus it's so hard to get contact with them. Agoda is horrible.

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    Same Agoda issues. and Agoda are affiliates, both owned by the Priceline company. The support team doesn't like the Agoda connection neither but it's beyond their control.

    Even if you close inventory on Agoda it will pull inventory from and your property remains bookable on Agoda as well.

    What we did is actually delete essential images on Agoda. You can't delete the main image nor any of your room types but you can delete all other hotel and room images so that due to a lack of room image, Agoda can only show the main hotel image for each room type. Since Agoda visitors can't see an image of our room types, we did not receive a booking on Agoda since hence gone the issues with wrong mapping, incomplete info and the poorest of all customer services.

    We've also terminated the contract and informed both Agoda and that we will not honour any Agoda bookings anymore. Requests to remove us from the Agoda website have been left unanswered, of course.

    Same as requests for cancelling Tripadvisor business listing, another company with epic customer service ...

    Hope this helps.

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    Well I finally figured out the best way is to login to the YCS on Agoda and block out all available dates.  I think it was under rates and allotment.  Select current date and the furthest possible date then move all buttons so they are red.  Then save.  Takes a few seconds to come back but that seems to have done the job.

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    Just as I said that, now it's showing rates from instead.  Agoda is such an awful company.  I've had to instruct a lawyer to contact them to void the contract and remove our property details.

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    GDPR only works for Europe.

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    The problem our property is having with Agoda and Priceline is an incorrect room type. Have tried calling and emailing property support to no avail. Was told that both sites copy information from but all the room types on that site are correct. The description on the Priceline and Agoda sites state the room is a 2 Queen bed Accessible room but the reservations come through our system as a regular 2 double bed room. We don't even have Accessible double Queens at our hotel. We don't mind getting reservation through Priceline or Agoda as long as the guests are able to book rooms that actually exist. 












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    Hello everyone,

    Can someone please provide me with a working phone number for an Agoda account manager (or anyone from that company who might be able to help)?

    I am having the same issues and challenges that you all have mentioned above and unfortunately the only phone number provided to me with each Agoda-based booking (203-564-0799) is a non-working number.

    I see that at least one of you has been able to receive help by calling their account manager at Agoda so I am hopeful to take the same approach.



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    same problem with me. i did not register my property to Agoda. even my property name also differs from please remove my property fr agoda.' themepark at swissgarden'.

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    A sure-fire way to stop all this Agoda nonsense is to report it to your local Trading Standards, and take it up with any trade associations you're with (in UK, the Bed & Breakfast Association) and put messages on's Twitter account. It's outrageous that they let this happen. 

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    For us Agoda have become much worse in recent months.  Firstly by under-performing to a the point of insignificance and secondly messing about with rates.

    They always claim they are price matching but have actually been undercutting other OTAs by very large margins, applying their "discount vouchers" to the listing without any permission.

    We have also had to close all rooms to Agoda to protect ourselves against their practices, yes they still have access to BDC rooms but at least the rate will be correct, albeit at a higher commission rate.

    However, BDC has no control over Agoda's actions, they are merely both owned by the same parent company.

    Fortunately Expedia have been performing very well for us recently, more than taking up the slack left behind by Agoda.

    Maybe all those effected by Agoda, by region, should shout loudly together, it must be illegal and has to stop.

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    loss of income because everytime bookings from Agoda never show up. i never registered with Agoda . is it legal for Agoda to advertise my property without my consent? please remove my property from Agoda ads

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          actually if you will close the rooms on agoda and both, the agoda will pull your inventory from local travel agencies in which your hotel is listed. it means agoda is a wholesaler. 

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    Don't get me started!!!! I have actually heard from my local Tourism Rep who met with Agoda reps at ATE recently, that you CAN actually opt out of Agoda. But I can't find any info on how... If anyone is aware of the process, I'm all ears! 

    Haha!! I am just looking through their Terms of Use and came across this: It's all well and good to put this in without showing us how to do it!!! 

    The terms and conditions set out below and the Policies are collectively referred to as the “Terms of Use”. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please cease use of the Site immediately.

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    I have had enough! I am really battling trying to opt out of Agoda. I am forced to still be bookable on Agoda through the sister site, and I resent having to feel forced to work with a platform that has a completely different ethos to the customer service driven Business that I operate.

    I need Guests Contact details (either an email address or a mobile phone number) to send specific information on directions and where they can find a key in order to access their Country Retreat. 

    Agoda gives me no efficient means in order to do that, other than to copy/paste my (normally emailed) confirmation letter into the chat box, press send and hope for the best! 

    I didn't realise this, but when chatting to Agoda Support on Saturday afternoon, I was told that Guests have to tick a box at the end of their booking process, that they accept that they will receive NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! What?

    That is the underlying ethos of my Business, and they are telling me that our Guests are accepting no customer service? This platform just isn't a good fit to support my Business and it's entire ethos!

    I was looking for somewhere on the Agoda site that Guests will obviously see, where I could put the information of the need to contact us, if they made a booking...all I could find was the Address field. I have, instead of putting our Address there, instead, put a plea to Guests to contact us via our own email address, so we can get them the necessary information so they won't be "sitting in their car at the wrong Retreat, for a whole hour, just waiting for someone to turn up and check them in!" as our Guests did on Saturday! 


    Here's a photo of our front screen on Agoda- hoping that it might help someone else, negotiate this simply awful bargain bin basement booking platform! 

    All the very best out there- it's a harsh world we're negotiating!!! 

    Management at Agoda so need to know the frustrations we are all experiencing/ have experienced....or do they know and just don't care? 


    Mandy Adcock

    Owner- Adelaide Hills Country Cottages/ Adelaide Hills Retreats



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    I just emailed Agoda and asked to be removed and I have been. Here's their reply to me.

    Laavanya Muralitharan (Agoda Property Partner Help Center)

    May 23, 11:04 +07

    Hi Judy, 

    Thank you for the email reply. 

    Listing will be removed in 3-5 working days. 

    Please make sure you have collected all payments from Agoda (if any). At this juncture your property is not available to accept any bookings. 

    Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind Regards,

    Laava Murali
    Accommodation Service Team
    Business Hours: Mon-Fri (9:00 am - 6:00 pm)

    Visit our Hotel Partner Help Center

    Visit our Homes Help Center

    Hotel Hotline
    (valid booking ID needed):
    + 61 (02) 8257 4500

    ![ ](

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