Damage deposits

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    Thanks for sharing. To save you time, here’s an article in Partner Help that explains how you can set up a damage deposit in detail.

    Good luck on your partner journey!

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    Thanks for sharing? Is that a joke?  And no answer to the query..just a link.  It seems to me the hosts have no way of letting other hosts know about bad guests. There is no vetting of guests and when damage is done there are no repercussions for the perpetrators...not exactly encouraging when you are opening your house to strangers.  There should be a way of rating guests and rejecting them if necessary.  This is a major downside to booking.com.

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    I agree. Booking.com in missing a lot of IMPORTANT options when it comes to booking that creates a frustrating experience for owners and guests. I've had over 12 "reservations" via booking.com. Only 2 had valid credit card details and going thru the motions with the damage deposit with renters is exhausting. 


    PLEASE UPDATE your procedures so they are up to par with Homeaway and AIR BnB. 

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    I echo the comments above.  Booking.com requires more effort, provides no protection to property owners, and fails to flag guests that have damaged other properties.  Every problem I've had has not come from airbnb or HomeAway, but from booking.com guests.  Owner insurance coverage and a way to rate guests is table stakes.  If booking.com wants to be successful in the US, they need to up their game.

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    The only thing you can do is charge a damage deposit and then ask booking.com to bar that guest from booking with you in future if they cause damage or behave badly (i.e. smoking cannabis in your home sweet home). I also make sure I get a copy of their photo ID, which can be a deterrent against guests who don't respect your property. 

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