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    Nino Jejelava

    Personally I got it activated i dont get more bookings and had to now pay 20 % instead of 15 % to bookings com hence had to increase my price. not happy about it but genius program was even worth you pay as preferred partner 20%plus guest if he is genius pays 10%less so it was terrible . now canceled genius option and didnt subscribe to preferred partner with any other of my properties. Thats my personal opinion maybe there is somebody happy with it :) I think its the way booking charges you more and makes you feel special for it :)


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    I activated our preferred partner sometime back and got good results initially. pushed us up in ranking and that got us sales.  But after a few months, they started to drop us back by giving silly excuses and now, it looks like it does not matter whether we are preferred or not.'s motto is always about making money for themselves, never for us.  

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    Just left preferred partner.. No significant increase in bookings if at all. 

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