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    Hello world, we are located in Anjuna Goa India and our secret is easy, we dont think about peak season or low season because all the time we are improving and creating according to our guests advice and what they really need so every day is important to have an evolution on your "business" or creation. Our big secret is to treat the guests as people and not as guests so we welcome them home! Our community operates with the help and effort of everyone so if someone want to change or improve something in our properties, we provide them the tools and support to make it happen!

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    Ana Leamaro

    Greetings from Sweet Lisbon Guesthouse!

    Our secret is to treat our guests like friends and do everything in our power to make them feel welcomed. Our breakfast is carefully composed to give a taste of traditional Portuguese products and we have several home made products. We also prepare our promotions 1 year in advance and we manage our occupancy rate every 2 weeks, to make the necessary adjustments. Our peak season is all year around! 

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    Avila Pipe

    I currently have two properties, one in London where I live so I do go an extra mile. Something simple like leaving some fruit and tea and coffee has always work for me. For my property in Spain, I try to stay in contact the visitors as much as I can, to offer them a better experience. I normally get in contact with them two weeks before their trip. 

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    Veronika Group

    Just keeping as much message templates handy to minimize time spent before sending a response to the guest since we get a lot of messages as the peak season approaches. Also, using the automated reply feature gets a lot of work done for you.

    We just try to be as prompt as possible. We are also available to guests over the phone 24/7 which is also a faster way of solving an issue.

    We keep track of bookings and requests in our internal system to which all of our employees have access. This keeps everyone in the loop and minimizes the chance of guests needing to talk about a request to the person that they talked to first. This way, anyone they ask will know exactly what they are talking about and will be able to provide an update of further support.

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    never say no to the guests as much as possible,try to make a eye to eye contact whenever the guests saying or complaining something,so that the guests feel that you are really concern to solve the problem,try to replace something else to the things that they ask you that you dont have.and last but not the least always give and greet them with a big smile even if you dont feel good.

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     I am the owner of Bishnu Homestay and i have been hosting guest last three years in this property. I am very happy to meet people all over the world and learn maything. I am going to organize Annapurna  Base CampTrekking for up coming season in October and November. so if anyone is intrested to do trekking in a group or individual are welcome. One of the most popular trek of the world.

    I am sure all the trekkers will enjoy.

    Bishnu Homestay


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    Hello everyone,

    I think it depends who your guest are and where do they come from.

    Me and my family have house with two apartments and big garden.
    Particulary, 90% of my guests come from Gulf area, like UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Qatar etc.

    Working with them we found out that most od them likes to feel As they are in their homes.

    I contact each od then to confirm all detalis, arrival time, number od peple, is it family or group of friends, do they need transfer, offer them to organize tours around Bosnia etc.

    Some od them dont know what to want until you offer them.

    Also, some of them have tendecy to cancel the bookings and from the talk with them it can be clear. Then I consider their booking canceled even if isn't.

    When they come, we offer them our tradional bosnian and have some cakes or seasonal fruits, have some small chat with them, and they really feel satisfied.

    Hope I helped, at least to host who have aran nationalities.


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    Hello everyone

    We have a tiny cottage in the middle of France and will be starting our 4th year on 21st July...   from the start we incorporated all the things we liked best about our b&b or hotel experiences to create the best possible stop over for our guests.

    Whether its in the season or out, the same things apply - the difference is volumes -  our tips to new starts and this will apply to 'old hats' too, are as follows...

    1. Respond to reservations and enquiries as soon as you can even a quick template message suffices to put prospective guests at ease and it lets them know you are oaying attemtion to them...

    2. Have double the bedding you need...

    3.ALWAYS have rooms ready - those last minute bookings can catch you out...

    4. Meet and greet with a smile and a welcome - if you are small like us, these people will share you home - treat them as YOUR FAMILY, make guests feel as if it is their home too...

    5. Exceed their expectations in every way you can...

    6. ENJOY your work, you get to meet some really great people who will also become friends...

    Finally, even when you feel you are going to collapse with fatigue SMILE, SMILE, SMILE...

    Bon courage and bonne chance to you all - see you on the other side


    Sue and Mark

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    Sue and Mark I completely agree with you !

    Best ,


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    The Mermaid at Azure

    Hello Everybody,

    I use the Promotion platforms because the red price slash from the Calendar rate appears sometimes. Some customers are excited with red slash :)


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    Hello there

    Greetings of the day to everyone!!

    We start preparing our High/Peak Season observing the previous High/Peak season as it does help in many important ways:

    1. High/Peak Season is great opportunity to meet with many potential guests usually or typically who take vacation during this time, which means to us that they could most likely come back again or at least will lead us to their friends by displaying their happiness staying with us, good reference point - thanks to social media. Trick - Keep them happy first before thinking about new guests and their comfort, one of the team members must able to build great relationship and able to find out their future vacation plans  

    2. Following the trend helps us to observe the guests behavior in terms of what kind of tourists, what budget is preferred, which room types are in demand , what new can be added to better the profitability 

    3. List all the pros and cons and setup your plan for the following season 

    4. Have your detailed checklist ready for each department, because hotel and guest experience is not limited to maintenance work or service from Front Desk Staff, consider "TEAM" so pay attention to each department and members in achieving together "TEAM IMPACT" which will lead to satisfied and happy guests

    5. Review the rates carefully and do not forget to set comparatives with your immediate competitors and second line of competitors, while doing this ensure that you know what quality of rooms and facilities are offered by your competitors because your rates must be "Worth" your product you are offering 

    6. Communicate with guests who have stayed in past by sending them greetings and wishes for the coming holiday season and take the opportunity to ask if they have any plans to be back or maybe any of their friends - Stay connected,that is why you gather data base 

    7. Keep your "TEAM" highly motivated and prepared 

    8. Keep yourself "UPDATED" of your Market, as well of market of your potential guests

    Do share your inputs and further suggestions, till then "Keep up the essence of hospitality"


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    Hello everyone, peak season is like a whole year preparation. Here it is:

    1. Keeping up with good ratings and reviews - whether we like it or not, any accomodation with high ratings and good reviews are on top of the lists of potential clients. I read reviews not just the postive ones but the things that we need to improve. Taking into consideration every details of their experiences. That’s how we value their comments. And we make sure we keep improving.

    2. In this business of hospitality we need to take good care of 2 most important persons in your hotel business and that is you client and your staff. If staff are happy with the way you treat them it will reflect on the way they serve your clients. Happy staff = happy clients. You won’t grow as big as you are now without your staff. I make sure I gave back with bonuses and incentives. I even give them free food coz for me they are family and that’s how I treat my staff. I make sure my guests also feel at home away from home. Giving them great memories and nice experiences.

    3. Giving back to clients - I handle special events, give out free drinks on peak season, gather all guests and socialize with them. I make time to bond with them.

    4. Getting recommendations? - no need for you to ask the guests. If they’re happy with everything that you give in general including the great service and accomodation they will recommend your place.

    5. Treat every guests like a family so they will feel at home away from home

    6. Let them try to experience your culture and traditions. For sure they will love it. I was hesitant at first but I was so happy with the results. Seeing happy faces with great experiences among our guests.

    7. My focus is more on clients but I sometimes consider competitors around. How they play with prices.

    8. Law of supply and demand - if there’s a lot of demand and very low supply, it’s time for you to increase the rate. But make sure they get what they deserve to have. This is the time when you give out freebies and drinks. Making sure revenue is still high even with the added expenses.

    9. The great advertisement? - it’s actually through the power of mouth and recommendations through social media and their great reviews.

    10. Considering improvements - I am handling my finances wisely. One of my top priority is making sure all are well functioning.

    11. My prices are quite higher in comparison to my competitors but I don’t really mind so much about it since I’m giving them something that is worth paying for. Quality beds, free upgrade of aircon if fully booked. Free movie nights with free pop corn for $8 dollars accomodation per night at my hostel. That’s what they get and of course quality staff working in my hostel.

    12. Showing gratitude - we always thank our guests for staying with us. We let them feel how grateful we are to have them.

    13. Everything is online whether booking your flights or hotels. Website is a great thing but inviting bloggers and vloggers is a great investment also to write something about your accomodation and be visible in social media esp of your market is millenials. Hitting the right target with the best tool. Inviting these bloggers in exchange for free accomodation and free food is just a one time investment but it’s a lifetime return since their writings will be there for a long time. For me it’s worth the investment.

    14. Extending my check in time upto 10pm considering that it takes time for guests to travel and I wanted my hostel to be visible online until that time. Other accomodations are not bookable beyond 2pm but you are still open and that’s your advantage.

    15. Avoid common problems like overbooking. I have installed hotelier app to keep my booking system updated preventing overbookings and I only pay 100$ a month. This would prevent stress during peak season focusing more for clients and other important matters.

    I think that’s all for now. I hope I shared something great for your business to grow.

    I am proud that my hostel became #1 among 13 bed and breakfast in Malapascua island after 2 months of runing the business until now which is 3 years running already. And I am now #3 among bed and breakast category in different islands of Cebu among 377 bed and breakfast category. Aiming to be #1 hoepfully this year.

    Grilling something for a better service and experience of all our guests for this year! 😍😍😍

    Jose Amistoso, Jr.
    Malapascua Budget Inn hostel owner

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    Hello dear all guest and  friends good morning . 

    How are you there ?

    We are just renovating the rooms for tourist season , painting different colours - designing the bed cover colouring  and metrees colouring ---  Cleaning the steps , Lighting design near the beds for read the books and book keeping  etc. 

    Hope you are doing great there . 

    warm Regards to all guest and  friends .

    Janaki Prasad parajuli

    BnB Royal Tourist House 

    Kathmandu , Nepal


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    Adagio Accommodation - Nera

    My apartmetnt is located in city, so I get most reservation for a short term stay 2-4 days (city break, or bussines people). So I, like Sergiu start  with lowering the price two weeks before the unbooked date, which usually brings reservation in. I also use Booking reintelligence report to keep an eye on the compettition, and than adjust my prices accordingly.


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    Elinor Apartment

    Hi everyone. We have our own secret how to be popular with our guests. We simply try to make the home atmosphere for all our guests and feel themselves being cared. We are happy to wellcome all our guests to our apartment and host them like our relatives and familiars.

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    Alistair Wood

    Don't go on holiday yourself at the busiest time of the year when you make most of your revenue (in case something goes wrong and you are not around to fix it!)

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    Hi everyone!!
    Since we started renting our studios,we tried every single thing to fill our rooms in the peak season and most common thing that we did was to lower the prices.And the result was every year same...they fill up in the week before the season starts.
    This year i made a change,i increased the prices, i added some new ammenities   .. and the result?They fill up again for higher price whit only small investing in new ammenities and a big welkome smile on our face. Also i have joined the Prefered partner program and now my apartments are visible to much more potential guests.

    If you know that you have all that you need for success,the succsess will come,just belive in your self and never low down your expectation.

    Best regards from Ohrid.

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    Camilo Rochels

    Hello community


    Try to keep all perfect, because on those days you should rise the price and customers will be more strict.

    Also, try to offer additional paid services to maximixe tour income.

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