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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Okay, according to what you're saying I agree that a Full Cancellation fee was to be charged which means you get your portion out as if it was a regular booking.

    Question is, did you mark it as such? If a client doesn't show up, you need to mark them as a no show and then there is a pop up block that asks you whether or not you are charging the client for their cancellation. You should have then marked Yes. Otherwise probably refunded the client because you marked no cancellation? 

    Hope to hear from you again!

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    Thanks for your help, Leandri.

    I was new to at the time, so called one of their assistants to talk me through the procedure.  Yes, I did mark it as a no-show and received confirmation from of the no-show.  The assistant checked my clear cancellation policy and confirmed the guest was not entitled to a refund as it was less than 14-days.  I don't remember a pop-up block to tick though....???  I did receive this from

    Holiday Home: You have notified us that the guest did not show up for this reservation.24 May 2018 13:17

    Cancellation fee according to your policies or what you have agreed on: £200


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    Oh no! 

    Hope you get all the money back. Glad I read this - I too clicked "no show" because someone didn't show and next I saw the money changed to zero in spite of the clear policy. I'll go back and double check my work. Thanks for posting this!!


    Rob in Bangkok

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    Rob.  Just phoned and they have confirmed I will get money.  They checked my cancellation policy and confirmed the guest was not entitled to any refund.  It is totally confusing and scary(!) when they put a £0 next to the no-show reservation!


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    I saw that once and it made me stop pressing "no show" still now. I have my own records of check in but Booking loses this information due to my fear of cash loss! haha

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    Mick Hackney13

    I’ve had the same issue with annoying no-shows. When a guest secures a reservation with a credit card, should pay the host automatically when they don’t show instead of the host chasing the money.

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    It seems that those problems do occur when BDC takes care of the payment with the guests and adding then a commission for the job

    Maybe consider charging guests directly with a vitual bank terminal ?

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    Virtual bank terminal?

    We are looking for a way to charge guest via credit card but didn't know how to do it with out a actual eftpos type terminal in our house so we currently everyone pays by cash. 

    Be good to get a deposit before they arrive too as we had a couple of no shows with no way of getting and money off them??

    All advice welcome :)


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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Info ,

    I'm super glad to hear you will be compensated. Sometimes you just the reassurance, I get it. I wish you only the best, and no more pesky no-shows to send your blood pressure through the roof!

    Keep well!

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