Warning: Refunding to a different credit card.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for the warning! 

    A few weeks ago I saw another post where the partner asked about the same thing and I'm glad my advise was in correspondence to what you're saying. It's a nice trick actually, very smart. Steal someone's card and make a booking somewhere, then ask for a refund into your own account. Granted then you can be traced to your account and be caught. Still, none of us would want the paper work so the best is to always refund back into the original account. 

    What do you think about just moving the booking? I sometimes suggest to my clients to rather move the dates of the booking instead of refunding them. Do you think if it's a scam you will ever hear from them again?

    Keep well!

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    In fact if the reservation is due, you need to refund NO account !

    5 years ago, BDC asked us to refund a non refundable Booking which was cancelled. We did proceed !

    We received a extremely BAD review on TripAdvisor and the guest tried to make an opposition with his bank about the credit card he did provide. He could get a second refund.

    Accomodaition is AMAZING, Booking is KING !

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    Leandri (not sure how to reply directly to your comment). From what our bank advised, the original booking was most likely from a stolen card. No matter how much we want to keep the booking, we have to return the money or we are part of the problem.

    I normally refund 100% no matter what and when the cancellation occurs - this adds money to my bank, my Karma bank. 

    Love & Peace,

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Jonathan, 

    Thanks that does help. Haha yes the Karma bank is an important one!

    Best wishes!

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