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  • Hello,

    Well, it depends on how you went about reporting this to BDC. Did the guest request the relocation or did you do that?

    If the guest has breached your policy, has BDC understood that?

    You will need to clarify this with BDC unfortunately and don't give up. If you're right and the guest tries to do funny business by filing a complaint to get his new reservation paid for by you or BDC, then you need to strongly clarify this.

    We had such a situation when one guest booked, he brought a kid that was too old for us to accept and we agreed to cancel his booking so he can go find another place to stay at, while this was agreed on with the Customer Support of Agoda (BDC group company). Then, he screws us over by filing a complaint for a relocation, for which Agoda invoiced us, because he reported that we charged him cancellation charges and he had to relocate, leaving us to pay 2x the booking amount from which we saw 0 money. Total loss so we are never doing this again.

    Let the customer support sort it it by themselves and make sure you have a written and signed agreement that the guest has no pretensions.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    dear Zsolt

    Thanks a lot for your prompt reply

    We always try to anticipate those siuations ! bu BDC customer service are sometimes surprising about conditions (with Airbnb, it is worse !)

    They did consider to relocate and refunded the guest even if he presented a bill with an other name : a legal case !

    BDC did emetted 2 diferent bills dealing that case as Relocation written upon the bill and wrote that it was not a relocation !

    Funny ?

  • Well, for me to figure this one out, it would be necessary to see everything. But we cannot really do that. 

    Best is to keep pushing and not accept anything from BDC that is not a real solution.

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