No help from to collect for Cancellations & No Shows

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  • Dear Vishal,

    There is an ongoing conversation about this in this thread:

    Read that and surely you will find your answers.


    Zsolt -

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    Mick Hackney13

    The same thing happens to me. After 6 months I have not had 1 successful reservation. Every single guest has either not paid, cancelled (outside of the policy guidelines) or not shown up and every time says there is nothing they can do about it.
    It’s a simple fix, have an option to pay by Paypal to secure the booking. I’m at the point of leaving the site because their lack of financial protection for hosts is crippling me.

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    I have spoken to a Lawyer and if there is a pattern I believe we have a legal case against for losses accrued to us.  As they are causing this by their own actions they are liable for these damages.  I feel if we can get a group of people around the world together to collect their data we will have a sold case against them.  I am not really after suing them but they are causing losses to all of us, either they should not allow properties such as ours on their platform since they don't provide us with access to credit card details or allow us to request for advance payments so its their actions causing us losses.  Also I've had fake bookings which I flagged for 7 days with but they did nothing and sure enough the guest never showed up, so them insisted that I block my calendar for a 1 night booking even though I informed them that I had a 7 night booking and the booking through them was fake as it mentioned 1 adult and 7 kids all aged 12 with an incorrect email and phone number.  All they want to do is make money at our expense.  Its okay to collect a commission for the business they give us but NOT OKAY to give us losses.  I suggest stay on and collect the data for losses, lets get enough people from around the world together and address this with them legally.

  • @ Mick - You have online payments possible on BDC with PayPal, you just need to have a very good track record with them in order to have this option

    @ Vishal - You can have access to CC information and much more, the only thing you're lacking is the trust of BDC in you and your unit, which can only be done with a straight track record, which you clearly don't have as you think that BDC should solve YOUR policy issues.

    You have the tools to set up whatever policy you want, it's much more advanced than any other OTA's system, so you can't complain about it. Experiment and learn to use it to your advantage.

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    @ Thuild - I'm lacking the trust of in spite of the fact that I've paid them over 3000$ in commissions while they have caused me over 20,000$ worth of losses???  If they do not trust me then why allow me on their platform?  Seems like they only want the upside while we suffer the downside of no shows and cancellations and lost opportunity cost.  Also I get that you're offering a service for people like us to join your network so you can monetize our bookings further but if you can trust us why can't And if we have to pay BDC a commission for every booking that shows up then why don't they take responsibility for no shows and cancellations?  Anyway we're not asking them to pay us, all we want is for them to allow us to collect an advance payment to secure the booking.  This can be done through a credit card authorization or bank transfer, where is the risk in this?  Or they should have a more diligent process to choose their partners so this issue does not arise.  Anyway, I'm looking for like minded people to share their data of losses, my lawyers will do the rest.

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    Alishouse Siemreap

    @ Vishal - We have a similar problem, but specifically with bookings from Turkey. For a no show or for a cancellation outside of the free cancellation period, BDC should handle the credit card processing and credit that to any booking commissions owed to the property. 

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    Mick Hackney13

    @Thuild, it’s impossible to get any sort of track record, let alone a good one, if guests don’t show up. Just about any online selling platform takes Paypal as a primary option so I can’t understand why hosts have to “prove” themselves to BDC to access this service?
    It’s a ridiculous scenario that will force me and others to leave the site.

  • @ Mick - BDC has a very easy trust building and conditions, compared to other top OTAs. Let's not talk about Airbnb because that is something else.

    You need to find a way to get those booking and then everything should be fine.

    I used to have those in the beginning also, until I got guest CC information and more strict policies. Now I can't complain because it's set up so that I don't lose out on anything.

    @Vishal - hoops, I didn't get an e-mail notification with your reply. missed that. 

    Read about PCI compliance, then you will see why it's hard to just trust people. Now, regardless of that, I feel that there is a bad way of doing things on your side that gets you in this situation.

    There are always solutions to make things work, You just need to get things in order, maybe I could help you with this part.

    So if you could process a pre-authorization on each booking, would that help you? Because if so, I can help with that.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    @ MIck Do you have any records or conversations with BDM where you've discussed this?  Any other communications or inquiries that show your losses beside the cancellations costs such as lost potential bookings as your calendar was blocked by BDM?  Please collect whatever records you can so we can compiling evidence from partners that supports our case. Thanks

    @ Thuild I have asked BDM on many occasions to state what their policy is and they have refused to do this so how is one to know what one needs to do to qualify to be "trusted". All they need to do is help us with no shows and recover lost revenue on cancellations.  This is essential to our business.  While I understand you can help me this should be the responsibility of BDM as we pay them a commission.  Based on this we have a contract where they cannot cause us damages arbitrarily. While I thank you for your help with this, this issue MUST be addressed by BDM

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    I just lost USD 500 from a no-show and had to ask a current guest to leave because of the booking, otherwise he would have stayed.

    This is crazy. I am now at about 40% successful bookings and 60% no-shows and there is no recourse. Might be time to pack it in with, anyone taking deposits by Paypal or something?

  • Pattaya4golf,

    You can ask for my services and I can process guest payments for you, then nobody will do a no-show and not pay for it.

    If you're interested, contact me in a message on my site.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Please keep track of all communication and losses you are incurring as we are building a case against BDC


    I know you're trying to sell your services but this thread is for getting people together who are dealing with the same situation.  Would appreciate if you sell your services elsewhere.  Your comments are already on this thread and if anyone needs your services they will contact you.  This thread has not been created as an opportunity for you selling your services.  Thanks and I hope you will understand

  • Vishal,

    Yeah, I'm helping them deal with the situation because except for you, they can do something that actually works.

    Your crusade is not going to work out as I've explained, this thing is your responsibility and not BDC's, therefore you cannot build any case against it.

    If you have the technical means to deal with such situations, fine, if you don't then get it or get help from someone like me who can provide it for you. Simple as that.

    FYI:  For your legal expertise, this is what you have in your contract with BDC.

    2.5 Reservation, Guest Reservation, complaints and Best Price Guarantee
    2.5.1 When a reservation is made by a Guest on the Platform, the Accommodation shall receive a confirmation for
    every reservation made via, which confirmation shall include the date of arrival, the number of nights,
    the room type (including smoking preference (if available)), the room rate, the Guest's name, address and credit card
    details (collectively "Customer Data") and such other specific request(s) made by the Guest. is not
    responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information (including credit card details) and dates provided
    by Guests and is not responsible for the payment obligations of the Guests relating to their (online)
    reservation. For the avoidance of doubt, the Accommodation shall on a regular basis (but at least on a daily basis)
    check and verify on the Extranet (the status of) the reservations made.

    2.5.5 Complaints or claims in respect of (the products or service offered, rendered or provided by) the Accommodation
    or specific requests made by Guests are to be dealt with by the Accommodation, without mediation by or interference
    of is not responsible for and disclaims any liability in respect of such claims from the
    Guests. may at all times and at its sole discretion (a) offer customer (support) services to a Guest, (b)
    act as intermediate between the Accommodation and a Guest, (c) provide -at the costs and expenses of the
    Accommodation- alternative accommodation of an equal or better standard in the event of an overbooking or other
    material irregularities or complaints in respect of the Accommodation, or (d) otherwise assist a Guest in its
    communication with or actions against the Accommodation.

    2.7.3 The Accommodation shall be responsible for charging the Guest for the consumed stay, no show fee or charged
    cancellation (including applicable Taxes for which the Accommodation shall be liable and remit to the relevant tax
    authorities). Credit cards shall be charged in the same currency as set out in the reservation of a Guest. To the extent
    that this is not possible, the Accommodation may charge the credit card of the Guest in a different currency with a
    reasonable and fair exchange rate.
    2.7.4 In the event of offering rooms at cash payment only, no credit card details will be made available by to the Accommodation (each a "Cash Only Accommodation" or "COA") as guarantee for the booking.


    No hopefully there will be less of a futile argument Vishal.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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