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    I am sorry that you've to experience that.

    We've all experienced less than perfect and/or unfair reviews. I recently received a 3 because I wasn't located in town - which is clearly stated in my description. I've also recieved 'unclean' kitchen remarks and scores because I was cooking dinner when guests arrived. There is nothing you can do about the review. However your response to the review speaks to your professionalism and the type of host you are. A negative host response can deter guests from booking so keep your response factual, non-emotional and positive.

    Keep on being positive. 

    All the best !

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    Sometimes, you can apply the guidelines of Review Department to avoid non contractual reviews ! It is the same with TripAdvisor ...

    To get bad reviews does raise also credibility uponyour listing.

    Seometimes,also guests do publish reviews upon the wrong listing page !

    Enjoy reading ... decent reviews

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