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    Homestay in Cairns

    Yes they are one and the same. I think Booking is much more friendly in many ways than others.

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    V Muir

    Booking is clearly the most difficult to use!!  Hands down.  They don't take payments, and block you from seeing the credit card.  GUests input a credit card, but then I have to chase them for payment!  It's humiliating.  Only booking subjects new users to this headache.  Airbnb and others take the payment, and then pay the hosts.   Only booking makes me to the work, but takes the full comission.

    I dont' want to hear all the reasons and excuses, other companies don't call a booking number by another name, why would you? 

    Booking lets people reserve without any credit card or security, my first 7 boookings, 6 were no shows.  Just tyre kickers.  I can't book a property on Airbnb without a credit card.  why not?  Because Airbnb are sensible and wouldn't want to waste the hosts time and money.

    So, after losing 6 reservations that to tax booking's policies, I can't even see the credit card details still.   

    Don't tell me booking is easy to use, or friendly, because that just angers me.  It is by far the worst of the booking sites.  I have spoken with other hosts over the years, and all agree.

    Also, I Have another property on booking and for years, and faced lots of other problems unique to booking.  The fact that I have another property where I CAN see the credit card details is unimportant to booking, and they ignore that fact and treat me like a stranger, not to be trusted with my guests credit card I have to call the the guest direct , and get the credit card number, and explain, yes, booking take the number, but I can't see it, so please tell me over the phone. 

    I love doubling up on the work because my time has no value, and I love paying full commission when booking do half the work.

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