How to change/correct ''How many guests can stay in this room?'

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    Aaltje B.

    Hi Info.

    Where does it say 2 instead of 1 ?  I am sure hotels have rooms with only one bed in it? Must say somewhere....

    What you can also do is take a photo of a written note and add this to the series of photos you have already.

    I don't know how many rooms you have, but for room number 5 you name it "the blue room" for instance you could say:   The blue room - one person only. 

    Is this an idea?

    Many people don't read accurately, especially short time-stayers. Your information has to be as simple, quick and clear as possible. 

    I had two photos of my bed with a different cover, and promptly people think I have more than one bed. Admit, it was unlogic. So I took that photo off again since two different photos made it confusing. Only one left now. This big king bed can be split into two single though. I added that as extra information, so at the time of booking they can choose two times single or one big super king bed.


    If other readers know how to easily and quickly change this 2 into 1 let Info know please.  Thank you :)


    Aaltje B. 

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